How to create your perfect seasonal bucket list

I’m so excited the seasons are about to change. I can feel the cooler weather starting at night. I can see it on the trees in our backyard. The leaves falling a few at a time while others hold on for dear life and changing colors. For the first time in my life I can have a seasonal bucket list. I can put together of all the cool things we didn’t get to experience in Florida.

Seasonal bucket list

Even as a parent I look forward to creating a list and checking them off. You look forward to seeing the expressions of your children faces as they get to experience new things. What will those experiences be?

Pumpkin Patch

We have previously gone to a pumpkin patch but are they the same? We don’t have the same weather that coolness to the air that lets you know it’s fall. The leaves and the smell. I’m sure for those who have experienced this before may seem crazy that I could possibly be so excited but for something so simple. I am simple and simple is me.

A pumpkin patch is a great time to let the kids run wild. Allowing them time to find the right pumpkin that you can put to use later. You can also use this as a great learning experiences, comparing the size and colors. Taking time to count as high as they can go. So much you can learn from a simple pumpkin patch.

Seasonal Festival

I love me a good party any reason to put my crafty side to use. Remember when I said you can put those pumpkins to use? Well here are a few games ideas for those pumpkins.

Tic-Tac-Pumpkin just like tic-tac-toe. Use tape or chalk to set up the lines and use two different color pumpkins for each team? Set the pumpkins up and anyone at anytime can enjoy the game with little to no help.

Having a Photo Booth area is a great time to take advantage for some family pictures. You can set up an area with a white background, some fall colored leaves, hay barrels and of course more pumpkins being put to use.

We also have some simple classic games like bobbing for apples, painting and carving pumpkins. Don’t forget about the pumpkin patch walk and the fresh baked good you can win. Hello!! Can we say this is life?

Hay, Hay

Plenty of hay and plenty of fun. Take a hay ride around with the family and check out the area

Seasonal Meals

This is the season when all of our favorite meals and drinks come back to life. For some of us our hearts hold a countdown for fall, the time for pumpkin flavored everything.

I’m here for the pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheese cake. OMG, yes! Is there even a Cheesecake Factory for near us? I think I need to Google that one.

We can’t forget all the chili we can eat to keep our bodies warm. My husband is the best at making chili, in Florida his co-workers loved coming over when he announced it was a chili kind of night. I’m talking about a house full of adults all waiting for their bowl. I am so hoping he will final enter a contest and show everyone his Latin twist to a favorite dish.

Pig Races

I have never done or heard of this but when I started to look into our local events this seems to be a thing. I’ll add to our list so I can learn more about it. Who knows it may be a cool thing or at least a learning experience.

Corn Maze

The scene out of a perfect movie, finding your way through the corn maze. I have never done this and I am so excited to try. This is going to be the perfect family building activity, how to get everyone to agree on which way to go.

I am sure I can go on and on with all the things I would like to try but let’s keep it simple. As we experience these events and many more we will share them on our Instagram so be sure to follow us there. I would love to see and hear about your experiences as well so be sure to tag us!

What is on your seasonal bucket list?

24 thoughts on “How to create your perfect seasonal bucket list”

  1. This is a great list. Many of your ideas are on our list every year!

  2. Great ideas on the seasonal bucket list. I like seasonal meals and we do that too.

  3. Seasonal meals is definitely on my bucket list! I have some fall faves I can’t wait to make.

  4. we don’t usually do bucket lists but we try to find different seasonal activities. There is a farm close by that’s open to the public and they have all sorts of animals, corn maze, pumpkin patch..gotta go again!

  5. Every year (since I’ve been born) we’ve visited pumpkin patches. Its such great fun with the family and I love sitting in the wheelbarrows!

  6. Wow! This looks like a super cool seasonal bucket list. I love the idea of pig races as well as the corn maze. Tic-Tac Pumpkin also sounds so much fun!

  7. I wasn’t for the longest time but I am finally ready for fall and cannot wait to indulge in seasonal activities. Loving your list.

  8. I love it when the Seasons change and this is a great bucket list. We’ve got some children’s farms near us in England that have corn maizes and our Grandkids love going in them.

  9. I will go pumpkin picking, pumpkin smashing and pumpkin pie eating but that’s it. Too much pumpkin mocha latte super frappachino for me.

  10. Great season list. I dont like when the weather gets colder but I do like going to haunted houses and going to some fall festivals.

  11. I’m quite curious about the pig races! How cute can that be? Also, you’re right about the pumpkin everything! When we visited my in-laws in NY last year during fall, pumpkin flavored-stuff was everywhere!

  12. These are all such fun activities! My fall bucket list includes visiting haunted houses and watching scary movies.

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