How long before the pregnancy shock passes?

It has now (12/1/18) been 10 days since those famous two lines appeared on my test. I wasn’t late, my cycle was due to start that day but you know I’m impatient I like to know one way or another. Let’s be honest I am still in shock.

pregnancy shock is real but when does it pass

I feel like in this life you have some people who question whether you are done yet and then you other who are so happy when you tell them. This is one of the reasons we would rather not share the news. We want to be able to enjoy the pregnancy. I’d rather not hear your opinion on how many children we should have.

We have told a handful of people including some friends and family who we love and love us in return. So now comes the thought again, do we share the news? Do we make this grand announcement to the world that we are expecting our 6th child? We are already a large family so what’s one more?

The internal dilemma

To announce or not to announce?

How should we announce?

We obviously don’t care what others think. Our children are happy, loved and cared for. They know that they are all important so what does it matter to others how many children we have? Is the issue of family buying gifts for holidays?

Only time will tell if we will announce but if you read the first post then you already knew we were expecting.

Pregnancy shock

Pregnancy shock is real. Fine, it’s not that you didn’t know having sex can lead you to pregnancy but when it happens and you see the lines appear you know it’s true. You know that all your dreams and late night prayers have been heard. It is such an amazing feeling. As of yet, I am still feeling great with little to no symptoms which can be a great thing but since it is a first for me it leaves me wondering if the nauseous I have always dealt with will return.

Our final decision

We have made the final decision that only a select few will know we are expecting. Of course, we know that some may find out in they come to visit or if someone slips but for the most part this pregnancy will be enjoyable. We will still blog and share our story Can you keep the news of a secret pregnancyit will just happen to be read after we have our new baby in our hands. I also love the part that those trolls won’t be able to come after our family because my baby will in my arms safe and loved.

The shock is real and with time I know it will get better. Let the unassisted pregnancy and birth begin.

Many blessings,


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