Everything you need to pack for your hospital bag


If you are planning to give birth at a hospital you may have been given a list of things to pack. Many of those items you may have already thought of but what about the things you haven't? I have created an additional check list I think you may enjoy.

While most hospitals don't allow you to eat I still encourage you to take little snacks such as nuts, snack bars, etc.  Some women will still choose to have these small snacks during labor as it will help with energy levels. This is something I think you should be vocal about and stand your ground, it's your birth.

After having a baby, you will experience intense cramping and you may have back or other pains. If you choose to nurse, you will experience cramping every time you nurse for the first few weeks as well because nursing speeds up the healing! A heating pad will save your life (In my opinion - since I love heat!) It also keeps you warm when the hospital is a bit chilly!

You might also want to take diapers, you may ask why and while the hospital give you diapers they may not be the brand you want and certainly won't be cloth diapers.

Our phones are our life line to social media, to music and books. Stop by the dollar store for an extension cord so your phone charger can reach the bed. You might also want a pair of headphones to listen to music during labor or to watch something good after delivery.

For personal care I would include hair ties, makeup, pretty robe, slippers, flip flops for shower and transition into room before you put on slippers. A big towel, yes like a pool towel. Imagine getting out the shower and having a hard towel to dry off after just going through labor and delivery.

Listen you may not understand if you haven't experienced it but omg the hemorrhoids! Hemorrhoid cream will come in handy and save your butt, literally. Also buy a pack of Hanes panties slightly larger than your regular size, your own pads if you don't want to feel like you're wearing a diaper.

Now if you are like me you will want Depends! They were the best for the first week post-partum! You usually lose bladder control afterwards too and this helps with everything. Can't recommend them enough! After I felt healed enough to wear pads I honestly thought about just wearing them all the time because they are that soft. I didn't no need to worry.

Once you are ready to go home you’re going home outfit for you should still be maternity clothes. I was surprised when I first learned that. Whatever you feel comfortable in. I prefer leggings with a tunic (to cover the big pad and keep it in place), but I saw lots leaving in maxi dresses. Also, nursing tanks and bras. I mostly stayed in the hospital bed and gown my first two kids, and these were great underneath.

I have created a checklist I hope you find helps you on your journey. If you have something you think should be added be sure to leave a comment below. I wish you the best of luck on your birth. If you would like to share your birth story emailed [email protected]

11 thoughts on “Everything you need to pack for your hospital bag”

  1. I always brought my own pillow, blanket, and quarters for the vending machine! Lol.

  2. Great list. I packed so far in advance, and I completely forgot a few things that were essential. Next time I will have a list like this to help.

  3. Inhumane that hospitals don’t “allow” laboring women to eat! This is a great list! <3 My cookies were all born at home but it's necessary to have a suitcase packed just in case.

    1. I have never understood why they do that. I only had my son in the hospital so only had to pack a bag once. It never hurts to be prepared.

    2. ^This! I labored for over 24 hours in the hospital with my last two. You can only go so long with nothing to eat before you start feeling it! I ended up piratically begging for food, and was finally allowed to eat something with them.

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