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If you are anything like me you have dreamed of your birth before you even knew you were pregnant. You knew you wanted something different but you weren't sure how to find that support. I am here to help you achieve that birth! I am that different you were looking for. I am the vaccine-free, anti-routine infant circumcision birthkeeper. I provide each of my clients' access to evidence-based information to help them have the best pregnancy, birth, and even postpartum period.


Each service we offer was created to cater to our home birthing community.

When you hire our holistic birthkeepers it means you don't have to worry about anyone not understanding your views for an autonomous hands-free birth. You'll have someone who will celebrate your rainbow baby and who truly understands the experience.

Have a freebirth or unassisted birth experience where you are completely supported.

Decline all the unnecessary tests and procedures, we don't drop our clients.

Skip vaccines and routine infant circumcision we will applaud you! We are about informed consent and evidence-based care.

carmens unassisted birth

"Can I really do this"

This is the question I get asked most often.

What if I don't have the support of my family and friends?

I am telling you I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!

You are so strong! You are smart! You are prepared!

Instead of asking yourself "Can I really do this" ask yourself the following:

  1. What are my fears and how can I face them?
  2. Why do I want a natural birth?
  3. What are the ways I want to deal with any waves I feel?
  4. Who can I talk to that won't push their fears on me?

I know these questions because I asked myself these same questions.

I am not going to tell you natural birth is easy, I mean it can be for some but I know it is best for mom and baby. I will be part of your birthing experience from the moment hired until you feel you no longer need me.

Carmen created birth services offering support to our homebirth families. We want your family to feel safe not being vaccinated and refusing routine infant circumcision. We have personal experience with unassisted birth and find these births to be so beautiful, peaceful, and empowering.

Let me stop you for a minute and make you think before you dig a little deeper.

What if?

What if you dream of having a pain-free- med-free birth? Do you have supporting friends and family? Do they know your birth plan and are willing to help you stick with it?

Did you know that having a natural birth helps you heal faster and is the safest way to deliver?

Your body was truly made for this! It knows when to go into labor, it uses our hormones (like oxytocin), your muscles, and even your body’s own pushing urge.

By hiring a doula you give yourself the best support. You have someone by your side who wants nothing more than to cheer you on. Someone who isn't going to be hurt when hormones are flowing.

Natural birth involves a lot of research and reading. Once you are mentally prepared for what to expect, you are ready to conquer anything. If you bring yourself around people who share positive birth stories, you are on the right track to kicking butt!

Is Homebirth Safe?

In short, the answer is hell yes!

While looking around you may have noticed how I discuss home birth and free birth openly. That is because I whole heartily support and attend them.

Statistics show that not only is home birth safe but reduces interventions that lead to cesareans. Imagine that, the place most think is made to help keep them safe leads to more interventions and cesareans. Who wants to be surrounded by bright lights, strangers, and the constant rotation of people when you could be at home, surrounded by love in a place you feel 100% comfortable.

newborn baby
placenta encapsulation

Why Add Placenta Encapsulation?

Your placenta is made from your body, with your hormones it is created to help grow your baby, keeping it safe. It is a great source of iron and can help with milk production, PPD/PPA, reduce bleeding and increase healing.

Do I have your attention yet? If I do then click the link below and learn more.

Once you are ready book a free consultation to get started today!

All of our services

Holistic Birth Support

Giving birth is a magical and spiritual event, one that should be filled with love. As a holistic birthkeeper, I don't bring any fears into your birth instead I do everything in my power to keep your safe space safe. During our Holistic Maternity Consulting, Birth Assessment, and Comfort Measures + Relaxation Techniques meetings, we will plan and cover your pregnancy and birth plans.

Virtual Birth Support

It can be hard to find someone who click with. Someone who really understands what your dreams are and how to work with you to make it happen.

Birth Pool Rental

Are you being called to a water birth but not sure you have the tub or setup? Get in touch for our tub rental.

Birth Space Design

When you close your eyes how do you envision your birth space? It can be time consuming to get the space set up but here we help you plan and design your birth space.

Overnight Support

If you have a loved one supporting your birth but maybe you are facing staying alone overnight Carmen can help with that.

Birth Planning

Create a bombass birth plan and make sure you don't leave anything out.

Sibling Doula

Planning to have your other children present during labor or need some extra hands while you head to the hospital? I take over the care that you would provide and bring them into the labor space as requested.

Placenta Encapsulation

Bring on all the powerful benefits of your very own custom created placenta.

Postpartum Support

Postpartum isn't just the first six weeks it can be a year and sometimes even longer. I try to focus on recovery for each of my clients and create a custom plan to ensure you have a healthy recovery.

Holistic Birth Prep

Typical childbirth education classes aren't created equal. I have carefully crafted a course to cater for the home birth and freebirthing community.

Need help? Book a call at a time to suit your schedule

When you are ready to meet the birth support team who will truly respect and accept your birth wishes we are here to help you. We want your homebirth to be the one you always dreamed of. In a peaceful, loving environment.