10 reasons you should be hiring a doula!


Stop whatever you are doing and tell me if you know what a doula is? Do you know why you should be look into hiring a doula.

If the answer is I don’t know to both of these answers then follow along for these 10 reasons you should be hiring a doula

What is a doula?

The short answer is a doula is someone who will offer you emotional and physical support as well as evidence-based resources during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Sounds like a dream best friend, right?

10 reasons you should be hiring a doula

  • Always have someone in your corner! There is nothing worse than having to fight for your birth plan to be followed. During your pregnancy, you will discuss your birth plan. Where you would like to give birth, who will be present, what procedures and routine care you are or are not ok with.

  • Experience! Everyone has a dream of their perfect birth. Where they want to give birth and how the baby will be welcomed. A doula can help you achieve that plan with reminders and support.

  • Calmness. Depending on where you give birth it may not always be a calm environment. A doula can help remind staff how to come in and how to speak to you and your partner. Plus a doula can also remind you to take a moment to relax when needed.

  • Partner support. Oh, we all love our parents but sometimes they need support too. They may have questions and fear to address and a doula can help them as well. A doula is a wealth of information when needed.

  • Additional services. Most doulas offer additional services and support. You may wish to have placenta services, take a birth class or get additional breastfeeding support.

  • Pregnancy symptoms lifeline. If you have ever been told about pregnancy or experienced it before then I am sure you have heard all the weird things. Is it normal to sneeze and pee? Is this my mucus plug? Just being able to text, call or email your doula will save you from having to share or even hit google.

  • Always by your side. A doula arrives when you let them know you are ready for support and leaves a few hours* after delivery. They are around to answer questions and help you is any way possible.

  • Pain management. This doesn’t mean they will give you medical treatment but help you find ways to find relief from the pain. Maybe a message will help, or maybe you need help to get into another position. A doula has a magical bag with so many ways to help you with pain management.

  • Don’t worry about the famous text “Is the baby here yet”. I promise you won’t ever get a text from your doula asking if your baby is here. We will check on you to see if you are ok and ask if we can help in any way but we know you will call when it is go time.

  • Research tells you too. There are many studies out that can tell you all the benefits of having a doula. I don’t need to remind you that the chance of an unnecessary cesarean goes down or that breastfeeding goes up. The fact that many who have a doula present don’t need any form of medical pain management. In case you do then it is time to book a consultation.

How can I find a doula?

The amazing part of being a doula for me is being able to meet and network with other birth providers all over the world. I for one am happy to help you find someone closer to you if you are not in the middle Tennessee area, email, and I can help you. You can also ask for recommendations in your local parenting groups which helps get options of fellow parents.

5 thoughts on “10 reasons you should be hiring a doula!”

  1. Childbirth is scary. I gave birth to all my children with no family member beside me. It was just me, my doctor, an anesthesiologist and a barrage of nurses in that cold, delivery room in the hospital. Doulas were still unheard of during those days. I wish I had one with me back then.

    1. I’m sorry childbirth is scary for you. It is difficult when you don’t have support, in general, let alone when having a child.

  2. The first thing I head in my mind after reading “doula” Was Who is doula? Lol I have a friend named Doula. I had an impression is to do with a nanny. Always learning and yes I can imagine how emotional it can get sometime during pregnancy. Having doula is definitely a good idea.

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