Hilarious and ridiculous comments made about freebirth

Hilarious and ridiculous comments are made about and to families to choosing to freebirth everyday. I’ll start by saying something so simple as this. Freebirth is not for everyone. Those choosing to trust their bodies and not seek medical attention, unless it’s an emergency, do not take it lightly.

These families do enough research to put me to shame.

generation of freebirth families coming together

Hilarious comment number one

I think one of the most common if not number one common is “Was it on purpose?” The second you say you had an unassisted birth they start to wonder. Are you familiar with the show “I didn’t know I was pregnant”? If so then you know that for these women it wasn’t they had no idea they were pregnant and all of a sudden here comes the baby. Followed by the call to 911 and the yucky tie the umbilical cord with your dirty ass shoe lace. Yuck.

I don’t need someone cutting the umbilical cord before my child has the chance to get all the blood from the placenta and take in all that nutrients. Once we are done we know we can cut with scissors or have a lotus birth. We knew were pregnant and we choose to have our baby at home, surrounded by love and without germs. That was our choice, we like keeping our options open.

Paging doctor

You also get the question of “When did the doctor or midwife arrive?” Well, they weren’t invited to this birth. Again we choose to have an unassisted birth, at home surrounded by love. We also know that once we are ready we can weigh the baby with these fancy things called scales. OMG, yes they have ones you can buy and keep at home. Isn’t that amazing? Science has come so far.

Sayie writes ““But how did you know when to push?! Who was checking you” from a doctor. I got to tell him all about how our bodies will push without us having to do anything and how unnecessary cervical checks are. His face was priceless!”

When you give your body the option it will more than likely do what is was made to do which was give birth. Well, that’s just one of the amazing things we do. One mom says she was told “You are so much braver than me”. Most of us will agree it has nothing to do with being brave and everything to do with trusting your body.


What happens to the placenta?

We eat it! After we deliver it our partners run right to the kitchen filet it like a steak and then we have dinner!! I’m actually dying writing that one.

Believe it or not we have options. We can have a tincture made or placenta pills, honestly you can probably do both. Others choose to plant a tree and bury the placenta in the hole. We have so many options I won’t keep

lotus birth; placenta still attached to baby after a freebirth hilarious comments about placenta after delivery
Picture by Melaine Murray

going with the list.

So, no I’m not bat shit crazy or an animal. We are parents who is giving birth our way. I am holding my child and not having to worry that someone will rush my child off for test that don’t need to happen right after birth. I don’t have to worry that even though I said I don’t want to vaccinate my baby, a nurse will do it anyway.

These are all things that happen every single day in a hospital. While I am not saying they happen to every child have you ever requested your hospital records and read them? Are you aware that people who have requested them find notes about procedures don’t which you didn’t agree to?

Although this was a funny, ha ha kind of post these are things that people say because of their own fears. For those of you here looking for support we have your back and welcome you to join our Facebook group. Looking for some birth stories? You’ll find those here.

4 thoughts on “Hilarious and ridiculous comments made about freebirth”

  1. Everyone has an opinion and you can’t please everyone I have learned. You have to do what’s best for you and your family. I love your lighthearted approach to this!

  2. So many people fear birth that they can’t imagine wanting an unassisted home birth. It certainly isn’t for everyone, but is is a great option.

    1. I believe that if we found providers and search that removed fear tactics when speaking to us things would be better.

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