How to heal from birth trauma experience

As much as I would love to just discuss all the great amazing things about pregnancy and birth that isn’t always the case. This post may cause triggers for some but for those that are able to finish reading the post, I hope you are able to heal. Birth trauma is real but healing from birth trauma is very much possible.

For many trauma can start in pregnancy, not having the right provider, being bullied into test or procedures you don’t want. Sometimes we are afraid to speak up or don’t know that we are able to fire a provider if we aren’t having the care we want and deserve.

This post is not about those providers who are amazing and offer us support, this is to help those who are looking to heal from the experiences that weren’t so great.

Birth trauma is so difficult to overcome. We have some tips that may help you heal.


While we know the saying “time can heal all wounds”, but we still wonder how long will that take? When will the pain go away? The pain will always be remembered but we hope that we will find some ways to help us heal from the trauma.

Take time for yourself, don’t bring yourself down but make time for yourself. Allow yourself time to cry and heal from your experience. I don’t think you should bottle up your feelings, I would love for you to find ways to heal and love.

Writing birth story

There is power in sharing your story. For a lot of people being able to write down their experience can be helpful and lead towards healing. Sitting down to write down all of your experiences and what your birth wishes were. Sitting to write down everything you wish you would have said. Whether you get the chance to really tell those that caused you the pain.

I recently heard about an event called “The burning man” which takes places in Vegas once a year. At this event, they have this one particular part where you get to burn away the things that hold you back. How incredible wouldn’t it be to have a similar event for us?


Something so simple like talking to someone who can relate is a great way to work your way towards healing. Finding a local or online community with the focus to help those still looking to heal. After years of holding on to my fear after having a miscarriage, I found a support group and finally had the opportunity to tell my story. It brought such a moment of healing and I cried like a baby. I was finally able to tell my story, I finally had someone who would listen.

Control your next birth

For some, the healing can’t come until they give birth to another child. We aren’t saying that this new child is going to be any better than the last but the pregnancy and birth might just be what we need.

In our unassisted groups we have asked this question and for some of the women, they answer the same way, an unassisted birth. Having an unassisted birth is such a powerful experience. An experience that you control, you say when and where. You control how much or little care you want. You are the boss!

Healing Birth Trauma

If you have dealt with birth trauma I encourage you to find support. Any of these great tips can help you to find some healing. While some who experience trauma find support with any of these tips others feel that until the party pays via a lawsuit the healing can’t begin. Regardless of how you find your healing moment, don’t give up. Keep talking, writing, supporting and searching. While you will never forget you can heal.

What was your healing moment?

29 thoughts on “How to heal from birth trauma experience”

  1. This was such an interesting post to read. I am so sorry you had to endure all of that but glad that you were able to overcome it! -Tonya Tardiff

  2. This has been very informative for me. I have had difficult birth experiences but not traumatic, I can imagine it can be difficult to heal and overcome the trauma.

  3. It makes me so sad how many women have traumatic birth situations. It should not happen as much as it does

    1. My only bad experience was my son. He was also the only one born in the hospital. I’ll never do that again.

      I think this post is an important reminder of how to help our friends and family after birth as well.

  4. These experiences shouldn’t have the power to mould our lives. Sharing and seeking support are essential to overcoming any sort of trauma. Different things work for different people, but what’s essential is acknowledging that you need help and being open to receive it. It’s hard but not impossible.
    – Nandita

  5. I am so appreciative that even though this was an experience for you, you have shared that it’s not always rosy.

  6. I haven’t been pregnant yet but I can image how hard it must be with all that pain. I agree that support is important so we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help! Lovely post, thanks for sharing

  7. You are very brave to be writing about such a sensitive topic. I was so lucky with both of my births, but it’s good for me to remember that not every woman gets it as good as I had. Big hugs to you.

    1. I don’t think it is being brave it is more wanting to help others find the right resources and have the birth they wish for. Thank you for reading. Big hugs back to you.

  8. i wish this post have been available when i given birth – it was traumatic expirience that sent me spiral down

  9. I had no idea that some women go through birth traumas because of the poor care they receive from hospitals. I can’t imagine how it must be to be in pain and not have understanding doctors with you.

  10. This is something people barely recognise or realise and it’s dedinitely important to address birth trauma.

  11. I don’t have any children so I can’t relate, but I can imagine that birth trauma would be so so difficult to deal with. These tips seem so helpful for helping those who have suffered heal!

  12. A traumatic birth would be such a hard experience to heal from. Everybody picture as a beautiful experience that every woman will want to remember and I think it would be so hard if your birth experience doesn’t live up to everything you have dreamed it to be. These are great tips for healing… Thank you!

    1. I agree a traumatic birth is hard to overcome. A birth plan helps but having the right provider can help with avoiding a birth trauma.

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