How do you know if you have found the perfect midwife?

Finding the perfect midwife!

In order to find the perfect midwife, it may take some time. You may need to interview a few but that will ensure you have found the right one. The thing is what questions should you be asking to make sure they are the right one.

So who is the right candidate for a homebirth?

For most midwives, you would need to be what they consider low risk but importantly you’ll want to understand that you will be having a natural birth, no pain medication, but plenty of options for natural pain relief.

Studies show that women who give birth with a midwife, or unassisted, without a medical professional, have fewer medical complications. Additionally to successfully breastfeeding and faster healing.

list of questions included in our midwife interview question form

Before we get started here’s a freebie.

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How to find a midwife?

Of course, word of mouth is a great starting point. Social media is also a great place to grab a few names of the potential midwives to interview. If you are looking on social media just join a good homebirth or natural (crunchy) group, we have one on Facebook. These options will help you get the opinions of local families.

Once you have a few in mind give them a call to set up interviews. You can let them know you have some questions and they will happily book your consultation. Keep in mind you may want to ask if they have a fee for this although most don’t.

Questions to ask a midwife


  • How long have you been practicing?
  • How many babies have you personally delivered?
  • Where did you receive your certification?
  • Are you state licensed?


  • How often are appointments scheduled?
  • What happens if during our appointment you are at a birth?
  • Do you offer payment plans? What does your fee include?


  • Do you have/use a fetoscope instead of dopplers?
  • Will you require an ultrasound and/or vaginal exams?
  • Do you require the gestational diabetes test? Is there any alternative to the Glucola drink?
  • Are you ok with me declining any test or procedure?

A baby looking up at a download me sign. Midwife interview questions.


  • Do you offer home and/or water births?
  • Do you do VBACs? What is your success rate like?
  • Do you allow delayed cord clamping? How about delayed bathing?
  • Do you encourage pregnant moms to use doulas?
  • What does the time after birth look like?
  • Do you encourage moms to breastfeed? Do you know what a proper latch looks like and the best positions for newborns? Do you have lactation consultants you recommend?
  • What is your postpartum care plan for myself? Baby?


  • Have you completed training in neonatal resuscitation?
  • Are you familiar to handle situations when the baby is breech during labor?
  • Are you approved with any hospital(s) in case of an emergency? Do you have a provider you will transfer care to?
  • What experience do you have with postpartum hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, breech baby or cord prolapse?


  • How long after my due date are you allowed to let me go?
  • At what point do I become too high risk to work with?
  • Which physicians are you affiliated with in case of transfer of care because I become too high risk? Do you have personal relationships with them?


  • Do you have children? Did you use a midwife during your own deliveries?
  • Why should I choose you as my midwife? What sets you apart?
  • What is your style?

Your midwife will work for YOU!!!

I hope by the end of your interview you will have found the perfect midwife for your family. These midwife interviews will help guide you but your gut and heart will tell you the one to choose. Something else I like to remind everyone because sometimes we just forget, your provider whoever you go with works for you. If at ANY time they don’t seem like the right match for your family, FIRE THEM!

Join the conversation!

Have you used a midwife before? What questions did you ask to ensure you were a match? Which questions were most important to you? Share with us in the comments below!

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