All the reasons to love essential oils

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Have you heard of essential oils? Heard about the wonderful benefits they each offer?

I am not a medical professional and these examples are from my family. Please speak to a medical professional before starting to use essential oils.

Let me be the one to say it was a game changer when our family discovered Doterra! I've never been one to go and use medication but there were some days I just couldn't take the pain from my migraines and ran to pain relief. The day I was introduced to essential oils I wasn't sure they worked, let alone for me. Then came the day I wanted a better night sleep so I used Lavender and Cedarwood, I slept like a baby.

Another day I had three of the kids had lice!! Yuck! I still get chills thinking about it. After a little research I found melaleuca or more commonly known as tea tree oil. That was another blessing for us and over the next several weeks the one oil we wentDoterra essential oils stacked on top of each other


for more often than not. I will say that I added melaleuca to our shampoo and conditioner as well as our datangler and it worked because we haven't had lice ever since.

Winning my husband over

For my husband Julio, his "oh crap it really works" moment was when he fell off his bike and was in so much pain that he couldn't lift his arm. For the first few days I told him to rub deep blue with coconut oil but he wouldn't listen then finally he did. Like magic, he felt like new just a few days later. Now anytime someone ask why he uses essential oils he talks about this one story.

Did you know one drop of peppermint essential oil equals to 28 cups of peppermint tea?

Sharing the love of essential oils

One of the last times we visit my mother in law we noticed how she eats organic and used her own garden as much as possible so we wondered why she still uses so many chemicals around her home. We brought up essential oils and were caught off guard when she knew what we were talking about, that she even knew what they were. She will be getting some samples sent to her next with some recipes to better her life.

Another story

The last story I am going to tell of my mom, I think the most powerful one of all, this story if about my own mother. M mom suffers with migranes, the kind that don't let you get out of bed, no light and sound and you sleep the day and night away for a few days straight.

She also has sinus issues and from a job she has she started to have panic attacks, not to mention her tyriods. Scary stuff, all the things that make you worried for your parent. I decided to make some blends for her one night when she started to say her sinus were acting up and the pressure was building up.

It worked a bit later I ask how she was feeling and she said crap it really worked. She waswomen sitting on the beach doing yoga with essential oils making a list of all the things that bothered her in hopes I would find her a blend that would help her feel like new. That is exactly what I did.

You see when I discovered essential oils I wasn't sure that they would work I just wanted to try another option I knew there needed to be something more than pain medication, and harsh chemicals. I always look for new blends and oils to try. I have now used them in more ways than I ever thought possible I mean if I am being honest I have searched "XYZ with Doterra essential oils" more time than I can count.

What are your favorite oils or favorite recipes?

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10 thoughts on “All the reasons to love essential oils”

  1. I have never actively used essential oils, but they must really work for everyone to be in love with them!

  2. Wow! I had no idea that one drop of oil equaled that much tea. That’s awesome! I’ve just started getting interested in essential oils and am going to attend a local class in the next week.

    1. Hi Erin, be ready to have your mind blown at the class. So much information will be given with tips to use the oils.

  3. I’m a fan of essential oils. I use peppermint + rosemary oils when my kid is a bit congested.

    1. It’s amazing what these oils can help with. My daughter has an ear infection and my pediatrician right away said time to take out your oils.

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