Essential Oils- A cough and cold blend for kids

Before I get started on my essential oil blend of the week please note that I am not a doctor. I do not provide diagnoses. This is my story and oils I have found to help my family. Doterra essential oils is the brand that my family uses and supports after much research. I encourage you to do the same.

essential oils bottles on a case

Love and hate relationship with daycares


Having kids in daycare is no fun for several reasons the first is simple I am not with them, I missing those special moments and the second they are always sick.

This week was just one of those weeks that both little girls were sick at one point or another. Midweek I had enough of Brooklyn throwing up so we went to see our amazing doctor. I’ll be honest to find a doctor who is qualified and is also knowledgeable on the very things that our family can relate to.

Check up

As you may be aware when you get to the doctor with a sick child they usually ask what symptoms they have had, for how long and has their been any changes in your routine. I ran down the symptom. I added that I was almost sure we were dealing with an ear infection but since we were teething I wasn’t completely sure.

After a quick check up my diagnosis was confirmed we had an ear infection but we still weren’t sure why she was throwing up. We knew that her equilibrium would be imbalanced but would it only happen in the car? Our doctor recommended we try essential oils. You read that right a doctor who could easily write a prescription for numerous medications was telling me to use essential oils. She even had a list of her favorite ones, so I took out my phone to show her my app. Another plus for us to love her even more. She recommended melaleuca and lavender (never put oils directly in your ear). She also added probiotics, vitamin C and vitamin D to our daily routine.

While getting one child better the other starts to cough. My children are not the type to ask for medication, they are like me and just go with the flow so I know when they are asking for oils they don’t feel good. On Saturday Aria was telling me how sick she felt but couldn’t tell me what she was feeling. She was coughing and starting to get a fever. I quickly started to look for what I thought the best blend for her and ended up with the one you see above.

Essential oil blend

For this blend I added each of these oils into a roller ball with Fractionated coconut oil to dilute and then applied to

Add to a roller ball and dilute with fractionated coconut oil, or other carrier oil of your choice.

her chest, feet and spine.

If you are interested in trying out essential oils for yourself and or family please email [email protected] You can also join today and become part of my team. You can also shop but you will pay retail and honestly who wants to pay retail?

Please keep in mind I am not a doctor nor can I diagnose your symptoms I am just a mother doing what I feel is best for my family, speak to your doctor for more information.

16 thoughts on “Essential Oils- A cough and cold blend for kids”

  1. What size of roller ball container do you use, 5 or 10oz?

  2. What a wonderful gift to have this doctor!!!
    I’ve beeen oiling about 3-4 years now and am so thankful.

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  3. I love reading about how to use essential oils, this is so handy as we go into cold and flu season! Thank you for sharing!

  4. While I agree there are benefits to essential oils, I also highly recommend talking to your doctor first before using them. Essential oils can actually be harsh and some people have terrible reactions, but if used correctly, they do have great benefits! My favorite scent is eucalyptus for easing stress and anxiety.

    1. Thank you for you comment. Most doctors unfortunately are not aware of the benefits of essential oils and haven’t done their research because they’d rather prescribe a medication. While I am nor a doctor if giving medical advise I do advise everyone to do their own homework and do what they feel is best for their family.

  5. Love essential oils! I have been with DoTerra for about four years now! Love using it on the kids so I am definitely saving this blend!

  6. Essential oils are fantastic, love using them for our congestion issues in Florida!

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