How to have an easy labor: Fetal Ejection Reflex

For those who have given birth in a place of assistance or watched the movies, you hear the provider tell you when to push. What would happen if we allowed fetal ejection reflex to take over? When a mother is left undisturbed in a place where she feels safe her birth experience will be an amazing one.

We are often are told when we should push but what if we listen to our bodies and allow fetal ejection reflex to take over? What is FER?

What is Fetal Ejection Reflex (FER)?

The simple definition of  Fetal ejection reflex (FER) is when your body takes over and you aren’t able to control the desire to push. It really is that simple.

Who experiences FER?

I have been doing some research as well as training with Herbal and this very topic came up. FER is experienced when there are no pain medications to interfere. If you are numb from the waist down how are you suppose to know when your body is telling you, it’s time.

Experiences of FER

A majority of women who freebirth myself included have felt what I can describe this amazing as incredible. For me as much as I tried not to push my body had this unstoppable feeling. Holding on the bathroom sink with a large chux pad under my feet yelling for my husband to come. I had sent him downstairs to fill the tub but time was up, the baby was coming NOW! I had him lock his arms so I could hold on and get closer to the ground. We both ended up holding onto the toilet while my husband was sitting behind me ready to catch our daughter.  This entire time I couldn’t stop my body, it was pushing the baby down.


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