True confessions requirements when shopping for kids

As a busy mom of five shopping for the kids clothing is like a full-time job. I honestly feel like one of the kids is always outgrowing something. You know the saying “they grow like weeds”? Yeah, I’m starting to think it’s true.

I seem to think finding clothing for boys is always easy. They usually aren’t as picky. My girls on the other hand want the cute dresses or skirts. And oh, mommy look at the cute hair bows. But mommy did you see these little high heels they are so cute too.

Doing the raise your hand, can I see your belly test. Followed by the put your arm down and are your shorts long


enough test. Now this should be an Olympic sport.

little girl standing at the park


Making my list

There are a few things that I look for when shopping for clothes. I have my overall list which is more to cover all the material I like to find. For my girl list and boy list it’s more what I find adorable. I strongly believe that any child can wear anything. I don’t see clothing as boy vs girls but what does my child like.

Let’s be honest if I let my kids pick that they wear all the time it would be a color event any time we left the house. Sometimes we have to step in and remind them of where we are going just so we don’t become the entertainment of the night.

My overall list

Easy wash- I just have too much laundry wash to worry about any specific instructions. There was this one dress my daughter had that was simple and to the point. It clearly said, “wash when dirty”. That I can do.

Price is important. I am always buying clothes for someone so buying nice clothes for a good price is at the top of my list.

No white please. I can’t say this enough no white please. As much as humanly possible I try to stay from anything white. It’s horrible trying to keep it clean let alone getting the stains out.

Dutiable. While I know this one can be difficult I look for clothing that will last. If I can hand it down to the next child, you have won my business. Nothing is worse than putting something on to find it someone is already damaged.


For the girls we look for clothing that can be passed down. I have clothing that my oldest used and has been passed down to a friend then back to my girls. That is where dutiable comes in for any large family.

While I like finding shorts for girls they on the other hand aren’t a fan. I do buy shorts they can wear under dresses because my girls love their dresses, but they also love to still be able to jump around and do their tumbling. For girls’ dresses seem to be a love in this house. If a holiday comes around they know it is time to go shopping. The more puff, the longer the better. Think ballerina or better yet prom.


When shopping for my boys I find it important to get active clothing. Basketball or gym shorts for all their running and jumping. My boys sweat so much they need breathable clothing. You know something I really love? Dressing up my boys in khaki with a nice polo. They look like little men, so cute!


For the baby I’m also a cloth lover so finding things that match or show off the cloth diapers is of course a win! I will honestly say that I’m not a huge fan of onesies once they get older I do however LOVE short and shirts. I think they look so tiny but still bigger if that makes scene.

Can I find it online?

Online! If I don’t have to leave the house I have won, the lottery. Have you ever tried to leave the house with five kids? Do you know how difficult it is to get five kids to try on clothes?

Did you say free shipping?

If I can find all the above online I have won, the mega jackpot!! I don’t want to have to meet a requirement before

girl dressed up and playing outside

you will ship for free. You will win me over as a forever customer as long I don’t have to pay shipping.

Clothing BINGO!

Can you imagine finding all of this in one spot? I did at Lavendersun they have so many clothing options from newborn to about 7T. I have partnered with Lavendersun to try out some clothing and it was amazing. I had a fast delivery and the clothing is both adorable and durable.

Having one place to buy rompers, dresses, pajamas and even swimsuits and shoes is like a dream come. As a mom I don’t want to struggle looking for clothing. I want to be able to find everything I need in one spot.

What are some of your requirements you look for when shopping for kids clothing?

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