How my obsession with cloth diapers came to be

Cloth diaper obsession starts

What if I was to tell you I’m obsessed with my cloth diapers? That although to most they are just diapers to me they are a work of art and go hung on my wall for everyone to see.

In 2008 I was shown these things that they called cloth diapers. Some of them had pins and cloth others were made of wool and needed special care when washing. I was so overwhelmed and confused but little did I know while pregnant with Aria I would come across an entire new world of cloth diapers.

I was at a local event and met a lady, Melissa, who was promoting her brand of diapers Lalabye Baby, I walked by and just looked then came back again like a shark ready to make my first purchase. You see I was still unsure, what if they didn’t work, what if they were too much work. I bought a diaper and a wet bag (a bag to hold either clean or dirty diapers) the next day I went back to the event and bought more. I hadn’t used them yet as Aria was still baking, and Michael was in diapers, but I wasn’t ready to have him be my test child.

Are they up for the test?

I ended up ordering a few brands and going based on what other mamas recommended to me. Then came the day where I needed a test baby, plus Michael needed to potty train. I started out in the morning by explaining to Michael that he would be a big brother and needed to use the big boy potty. Michael wasn’t ready, and I was ok with that, so I went on to explain that mommy wasn’t either going to buy big boy underwear or he would be using cloth knowing that it would help move things toward the potty-training world.

By the time, Aria arrived Michael was potty trained, and I just had to carry cloth for one but that has created this monster, the cloth diaper obsessed, gotta buy them all monster! Aria wore cloth from the day she was born until the day she potty trained. I then sold most of them off, yes resale is something that happens. When Brooklyn’s’ pregnancy came around I knew I only wanted to buy Lalabye Baby, they worked great for us and had a great resale value.

A wall of cloth diapers!

The brand was and is still growing, the prints are amazing, and the community is so supporting. we now have over 100 diapers which I am sure will continue to grow. Brooklyn is now 9 months and still have plenty of time to use them before they go off to their new family when potty training hits our home again.

Want to learn more about using cloth diapers? Join us next time when we talk about how to prep and wash your new or new to you cloth diapers.

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15 thoughts on “How my obsession with cloth diapers came to be”

  1. I think other site proprietors should take this web site as an model – very clean and wonderful style and design, in addition to the content. You’re an expert in this area!

    1. It can be annoying if for example you let the washing drag a bit but other than that I have fun. We have used them on our vacation to Disney.

  2. Serioulsy, don’t get me started on cloth diapers obsessions. I loved them for my last baby. I might just want to have another one to get to buy all the cuteness again.

  3. I have definitely been toying with this idea for a while now as my husband and I are trying to conceive our first child. Not only are disposable diapers expensive, but SO WASTEFUL! I’ll have to check out Lalabye Baby when we have our little one!

    1. Congratulations on your new journey! Planning and expect a baby are all so exciting. I agree disposables are just filling the landfill and cloth diapers are just so cute! Beware you will become obsessed!

  4. I love this post so much! Cloth diaper mom here ?? Lol.

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