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In 2009 when I became a mother I knew very little about breastfeeding. I had never seen anyone in my family do it, it wasn’t the “normal”.  Before I gave birth I knew it was a great benefit for my baby, I knew about the nutrients,  the boost in immunity, and of course the extra cuddle time. After breastfeeding for over 5 years I have created my top 10 products breastfeeding moms must have. I also wanted to add these are in order, just in case. I am now working full time so some of these are may not apply to you but they are still some great products.

10 best items for a nursing family to have on hand.

Top 10 countdown

  1. Pumping bra– As a working mama I never knew how hard it was to pump without it. Imagine having to hold two pumps while using the edge of my desk as an extra arm. I now sit in either the pumping room at work or in my car if I just want alone time to pump and watch Netflicks. Boy do I look forward to this time. 2. Reusable nursing pads– I can’t imagine how many nursing pads I used before I

learned about reusable pads, I mean I leaked so much milk that I wish I was able to save it, which leads me to my next item. 3. Silicone breast pump– I didn’t learn about this until recently but also as a working mom I only pump 2-3 times a day well this has helped catch the extra milk from the other breast while I nurse Brooklyn. 4. Tula– You may think this an odd one but when I am out and about I love having my hands free. I have always used carriers but this past September I bought our first Tula while attending Mommycon and it has been a love of us. I now sit Brooklyn in the carrier, drop her low and latch her on. Yay for breastfeeding and baby wearing! 5. Evenflo breast pump– I also found this breast pump at Mommycon and while talking to the team working the booth I learned so much that I went and bought one. It has definitely helped with our supply issues. Being able to control speed and suction separately isn’t something I am able to do with many other pumps.

We are getting to the good stuff

6. Kiinde twist system– Ok so for this one the bottle nipple is not the best, sorry, but I love being able to pump right into the bags and then the daycare feeding her right from the same bag. The fact that I don’t loose milk with transfer and transfer is great. I do wish they would make the nipples a little more toward breast since these bottles are for breastfeeding babies. 7. Pumping bag- I haven’t found one I really love for now I use my big Coach bag to carry the pump and then a lunch box to store my bottles in the fridge. I don’t have enough organization for my liking so I’m curious what do you use? 8. Bottle for water & Snacks- Do you know how important it is for a nursing mother to consume enough calories and fluids to keep up their supply? Anytime you sit down to pump you should have water next to you, I seem to always get thirsty when I nurse. Without consuming enough calories and fluids you will notice a huge drop in your supply and the weight gain for the baby.

No shopping required items

9. Breast!!! I know this one seems silly but I mean you do need breast. Now don’t jump down my throat I didn’t say they needed to make milk they just need to exist. I am happy for anyone who uses donor milk to feed their baby some even use feeding tubes to allow either the body to build a supply others to build a bod with their baby. 10. Patience & Support- This may be one of the most important things a nursing mother will need. I hate hearing moms tell me how they are told by their spouses don’t “let” them nurse without a cover if they are out, or the faces people make when they are out in public nursing. Let me warn you if I see you out in public nursing I will tell you “Great job mama” and put my hand up for a high-five! I’ve warned you! I am here to tell you that everything you are doing is normal and natural. Everything you are doing is ok and best for YOUR baby. Keep doing it and surround yourself with people who understand your choice and support you, do the same for others. What are your favorite products?

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  1. I used nearly all of these things when I nursed my lil one, but Tula, this looked really fascinating to latch on easily while on the move. Shall suggest to other to-be-moms now:)

  2. I regret not having the opportunity to nurse our daughter, but I had to be given some emergency medications after childbirth, and I didn’t know the side effects of her receiving them through nursing. This is such a great, comprehensive list for those who do have the opportunity!

  3. these are amazing recommendations. i will be pumping for sure! this is so helpful!

  4. All these products are help ful during breastfeeding journey of moms. I also used breastfeeding pumps a lot. They helped me alot. This post can be helpful for new moms.

  5. I’m one of the ones that has struggled with breastfeeding. I found that a good breastfeeding coach is worth their weight in gold. And she gave me a piece of wisdom that helped me hang on during the cracked, bleeding nipples stage…their little mouths won’t stay that little forever. It gave me just enough encouragement to keep pushing through the pain. Great list!!

  6. The bottle of water and snacks so important!! I nursed my one guy until he was almost 3 and snacks were a most. Love all the different things you listed.

    1. Congrats on going to almost 3. I went 2 1/2 years and there were lots of moments I wondered why, until I got to get those cuddles and now she’s 4 and I’m breastfeeding my 10 month old. Started all over but wouldn’t change it for the world.

  7. I actually wasn’t a fan of the reusable breast pads. I had to use disposable because apparently my girls are over achievers and I would have to switch out the disposable every couple hours, so reusable were a nightmare with leaks! But the longer I breastfeed, the less I discover I need! I am getting much more efficient with age (and each subsequent child!). Thank you for your recommendations!

  8. I love this post! When I started breastfeeding in the earlier stages, I did give the breast pump a try, but it wasn’t as seamless for me. However, reading your list definitely makes me wish I had a few more contraptions to make it a lot easier. Haha.

  9. Reusable nursing pads were my favorite also. I couldn’t believe people were buying the pads that were disposable! I love saving money and reusable is where it’s at lol.

  10. thank you so much for this! i always notice a huge drop in my supply when i dont drink enough water for sure and going on 6 months- its critical for me to keep hydrated!

  11. I love the hand held breast pump, it’s been amazing this time around to collect extra! I’m still wanting to try nursing in my Tula, I get so nervous to move her around in there!

    1. I enjoy nursing in the Tula just because I know she is secure and I can still have free hands to help my little ones. How old is our baby? My youngest is 10 months.

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