Why unassisted pregnancy & birth?

Well, that can be a simple or complex discussion depending on who you speak to and how much time you have on your hands. For some, it is about taking back their birth. It is about doing what they know their bodies were always made for.

Unassisted doesn't mean no care is done. Unassisted means doing your own care. There are several ways to complete your own care and via our blog post, you will be able to access resources to document your care. There is so much happening we can't wait to share it!


Some may think that having an unassisted pregnancy or birth is irresponsible but have they done any research? Most who choose to have an unassisted pregnancy and/or birth actually do research. They want to know the warning signs when to transfer care.

If you can honestly say that you have NEVER second guessed yourself then you are one of a kind. We all have that moment of self-doubt we wonder if the choice we make will be the right one.

We aren't irresponsible we are doing what is best for our family, what works for us. You may not agree but that is why it is our choice to make. We decide where we want to give birth and what procedures we are or aren't ok with.

Kimberly Nakae Callaway Cude1