From my earliest memories, I always wanted to be a mom. My own mother even reminds me of how much I loved to pretend play mom. I also loved to take care of my second cousins, most of the time it didn't take much to convince me. It is a dream for most girls growing up, the moment they get to become a mother. What our dreams don't include is all the things that may come along with pregnancy. All the morning sickness and heartburn.

For me, it feels like from the moment I am told I pregnant or see two lines come up on the pregnancy test I start to feel sick. All the symptoms coming following in at once. I have gathered eight essential oils that you may benefit from during pregnancy.

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Essential oils can be a great deal of relief when pregnancy symptoms hit. essential oils. pregnancy relief. pregnancy aid.

Pregnancy essential oils

The following eight essential oils alone or combined with others may just be everything you need to survive your pregnancy.

We have also gathered some great blend recommendations for each pregnancy symptom. Pregnancy essential oils go hand in hand. Plus they make pregnancy just that much better.

What essential oils helped you during pregnancy?