Brooklyns birthday- A Stress free party

This week Brooklyn, my youngest turned one, I am now a mom to a toddler again. Wow! I can’t believe I don’t have a “baby” anymore. It almost makes me feel sad not because it’s a bad thing but this last year has gone by so fast.

When Brooklyn was about six months old I started to consider options for themes for her first birthday. I would eventually decide on Unicorns. It was an easy decision, even the part where I created a Pinterest board was easy. The hard part for most parents is putting all the ideas into place, buying the supplies and the set up and clean up (insert shiver here).

With just a week left for the party I still had nothing other than the invitations done. Oh and the cake was also taken care of. My sister in law Emily was going to make me a unicorn cake with the added bonus on a rainbow once we cut the cake.

My idea was to have the party at a park but when I saw all the rules I knew it wasn’t for us. Let’s be honest any place that doesn’t allow you to have wine doesn’t know what it’s like to have kids.

I then thought about Wonder Games. Wonder Games is a kid entertainment that has arcade games, indoor trampoline and the best part for me is that they take care of just about everything. For me the thought of having to clean up after everyone has left just takes me overboard.

I went into Wonder Games and met a young lady working that day right away showed me the pictures and explained everything they would do. Not only did they decorate everything but they would also have some goodie bags, cupcakes along with set up and clean up.

Each child once they arrived would get a wrist band that would include them in the party. They would also be given tokens to play games and unlimited free play. For the menu it included pizza and pitchers of soda. the kids were now taken care of and adults are easy. You just order once you arrive to make sure you order enough for everyone.

Everything is organized and takes place in a specific times. They take the worry away from you. No more long parties that don’t have an end in sight. At some point the food will come out and the mascot will make an appearance. Jimmy will play games with the kids and dance during which time tickets everywhere. We actually skipped this part of the party as we didn’t want to scare the kids.

When you are down to your last few coins.

Shortly after the food was severed it was on to the next thing. The reason we were all there to celebrate Brooklyn. Right before the kids were getting ready to run off we sang happy birthday to Brooklyn. It was hard to think of cutting this beautiful cake but I wanted to see the inside.


The smash cake was amazing for me because well it’s part of the first birthday experience.

If you will be planning a party you should really look into having it Wonder Games or a similar place. Think about this the chance to get rained out well stays outside. No step up/clean up they work to design what you want.

In case you missed it read Brooklyns’ birth story here.

What is your dream birthday theme?


17 thoughts on “Brooklyns birthday- A Stress free party”

  1. Birthday parties can really get stressful at times. I always had my daughters birthday celebrations at home. Next time I am planning to do it in a park. We love Doraemon theme a lot as it’s my daughters favorite.

  2. That cake is out of this world! I’m not sure I had been able to cut it, it’s so pretty! Looks like a super fun party!! X

  3. My girlfriend did this for her sons birthday and said it was worth every penny. I like the idea more for a toddler birthday, let them be free and tear around atvlike 3 to 5. Butvits still a great idea no matter the age.

  4. I love her cake. So cute! I love the idea of hosing a party outside of the house. No one wants to clean up after a party. Especially with a baby who will most likely be overstimulated and over tired.

  5. Places like this make hosting a birthday party so much easier! I love that there’s little cleanup!

  6. Themes always work well for kids birthday parties especially when it is not over the top.

  7. I heard of wonder games. It sounds so much easier than doing everything yourself! Q

  8. That is such a good idea! I have done all of my kids’ birthday parties from scratch myself and it’s SO exhausting. I’m about to do another one too! I’ll have to keep this in mind for next year.

    1. I love when I am able to plan and put everything together but having four kids and a full time job sometimes the time just doesn’t allow.

  9. I’ve had most of our kid’s parties at play places as well. It’s so much easier and less stressful.

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