How to build your birth support team

Building the right support team is just as important. Some of us may just want it to be our partner present others may want a little more support. The great thing about unassisted birth is you choose who is present. This isn’t about finding a doula we will talk about that later.


How to build birth support team?

Your birth support team doesn’t have to be a ton of people. Just a few or maybe even one person that can help you achieve your goals. This may vary for each person but for me it would be so important that those who are present understand my views.

I am very much a take charge kind of person but when you are in labor the last thing you want to do is plead your case. I for example know who I can’t have present at my birth because we would just butt heads the entire time. We don’t have the energy to give them when my focus is on the baby. Those kind of people are not the one you want on your birth support team.

You want someone who will be able to remind you of the amazing work you are doing. Someone who will tell you that the end is near. That person who will be able to keep cool, calm and collected if an emergency does happen so they can seek help.

If you know who you want present then it is time to prepare them.

a birth partner can be anyone you feel will best support you. birth partner. husband support during birth.

How do I get my team ready?

This may depend of what experience they have already have. This can be a recap or a full-blown training. I am hoping to make this into videos but for now we have blogs to help you out. Some important topics you may want to cover which you will also find in this series are postpartum bleeding, stages of labor, placenta delivery.

Of course you want to share any information you find but if you are limited on time we can give your birth support team a crash course I recommend this course, found here.

What would you want your birth support team know?

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