How to determine what birth supplies you’ll need

Birth supplies may differ from one family to another depending on the birth you plan for; land birth or a water birth. The supply list we created below will cover things to have on hand for mom and baby. Additionally, you will find care for your placenta and postpartum bleeding.

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Cord Care

-Sharp scissors

-Cord clamps or tie (new shoelace, braided embroidery floss or thread, anything that will hold a tight knot if cutting before pulsing has stopped) OR candles for burning the cord once it has stopped pulsing

-Bowl to catch the placenta

Water Birth Extras


Birth poolthermometerhosea liner for the bottom of the pool (old towels or other non-slip surfaces), faucet adapter

Fishnet to catch ‘floaties’

Things Mom (Might) Need

-Liquids — water bottles or big cups with lids/straws

-Snacks during labor that keep up energy — popsicles are easy, as are homemade frozen treats, soups, and bite size protein snacks

-Food — a real meal following delivery

-Comfy temp — in the colder months, this might mean turning up the heat. It might also mean keeping mom in warm socks or lightweight clothes (if that’s her preference). In the warmer months, this might mean turning the a/c so it’s warm enough to be naked, or angling fans so that they aren’t blowing directly on mom.

Peri bottle — this can be especially helpful if water has already broken so that nothing is introduced into the vaginal canal by wiping. Also helpful PP in the situation of hemorrhoids or


-Calming environment — dim lighting can help with relaxation, as an instrumental music, incense, and many other things at mom’s preference.

Wash cloths — these can be dry (for wiping sweat), or damp (to help cool her down).

PP pads (disposable or cloth) or Depends (which saves some underwear!).

Heating pad or warmed rice sock — Helpful with back labor, as well as for use with PP cramping of the uterus. Especially in subsequent births, after-pains can be much more painful than labor!

-Peace and quiet — the sleep following delivery is VERY important to both mother and baby and should NOT be disturbed for anything but a dire emergency!!

Land Birth Extras

Towels, old sheets/thin blankets, chux pads or flannel lined disposable tablecloth for birthing on the floor (to catch water, birth, blood, etc)

-For Birthing on the bed (or couch, etc), make the bed in layers, separating each layer by a waterproof cover (cheap plastic shower curtains or flannel lined disposable tablecloths)

Placental and Postpartum Bleeding Issues

-Slice of Placenta — can be eaten, or held under the tongue, or put into a smoothie to help stop excessive PP bleeding.

-Fundal massage — massage the top of the uterus firmly until it contracts, and then while it contracts until it is doing so regularly and on its own.

-Nursing — prompts contractions to help both expel the placenta and stop PP bleeding.

Herbal Helpers

Herbs are VERY powerful, and should NOT be treated as an OTC catch-all for everyone!!** For more information on herbs that you may benefit from check out of herbs section.

**Herbal warning!! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!

In the Case of Tears, You Want to Heal at Home and General PP Perineum Care


dermaplast/dermabond (surgical super glue)

herbal sitz baths

witch hazel

peri bottle (in place of wiping)

Things for Baby

Fetoscope or doppler — to measure fetal heart tones during labor

Cloth tape measure — to measure baby after delivery

-Baby or fish scale — to weigh baby after delivery (make sure you know how to take it out before hanging baby from a blanket! ðŸ˜‰

Diapers (or EC bowl and cloths)

-Clothes appropriate for the weather

Swaddling cloths or lightweight blankets or soft towels for immediately following a birth

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