Birth: The hospital birth of Michael

On July 2nd I knew it was the day, the day I would meet my little boy. Julio was working, my mom and her husband were in town and I was ready. I called my dear friend Talina, who was also pregnant and asked her if she could drive me to the hospital. I told her to take her time to come get me that I wasn’t in active labor but by the time she got to me and I got the hospital things would be moving along more.

Talina got to my house I gave my mom a kiss and grabbed my bag. We arrived to the hospital and got out of the car. Having given birth at a birth center I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at the hospital. The staff directed us to labor and delivery and when we arrived they were waiting for me.

Right away I was taken to triage, checked to see how dilated I was and connected to machines to check on contractions. I also had to fill out paper work and give my insurance card and id, I had already registered with the hospital. After a while of being connected to the machine I was asked to start walking the halls since my contractions were starting to space out, I did as I was told.

After walking the hall several times a nurse informed me that I needed not just to walk but to walk in a funky almost dance way, she showed me how and I began. It worked and the contractions really started to come on, since Talina was also pregnant and not due for a while she was asked to sit to ensure she wouldn’t also go into labor. After a bit of walking and doing this dance the contractions to come on harder and the nurse asked to check me again.

I was moved to labor and delivery and Talina needed to leave and get some rest. Julio was still at work but once I got the room I asked him to start heading my way if he planned on being there with me. This birth is not my favorite because of several things that took place but if I don’t tell my story then others aren’t able to learn from them.

Once Julio arrived I was in full-blown labor, we settled in and talked. The nurses at this point had me laying in a bed connected to machines I had no way to move around. They, on the other hand, informed my provider that I wouldn’t move and since that is what she was told she informed them offer me Pitocin (pit) but they did not offer it they informed as they came in with it as I had no other option.

I don’t think anyone in labor should need to fight or defend their birth plan. A few minutes with pitocin and I was ready to cave. When the nurse came back in I asked her to turn in off and was told that if I wanted to turn it off I would need to get the doctor's approval. In that moment I lost it and yelled for her to turn it off, that I was the patient and I am telling her to take off.


the hospital

I got out of bed to pee and my water broke, just like in the movies it was everywhere. The doctor arrived just as I was starting to push. After a few pushes, it seemed like Michael was “stuck” and I was asked to give a big push, I did and Michael was born.

My big boy was 8lbs 14oz and all I wanted to do was hold him. About an hour I was going to be taken to the room I would stay in for the rest of my stay and Michael would be taken to the nursery for some test. I was told he would be gone for an hour tops but it was more like four hours. I called several times to the nurses' station and demanded to get my son and it wasn’t until I started to get out of bed that they finally brought him in.

My experience showed me that nurses not only try to get you to give birth fast but they lie to you and your care provider. If it wasn’t because I personally knew mine I wouldn’t have spoken up. Trust your gut and always stand up for what you think is right.  I am not against hospital birth or the staff, not all will be like the experience I had but use your voice, be educated on what you want and why. Hire a doula to remind you of what you wanted and to remind you to take a second to think about the options you are given.

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9 thoughts on “Birth: The hospital birth of Michael”

  1. I had no idea your supposed to do a funky walk. Nurses can teach you the most interesting things!

  2. I had a hospital birth and it wasn’t the best experience. They are just in such a hurry to get you in and out, you’re right about that. I’m sorry you had a bad experience ? but at least you have your little one who I hope is happy and healthy!

    1. So sad to hear the bad experience people have especially women giving birth. I’m beyond happy to now have a 6 year old.

  3. I have an incompetent cervix and a side effect of it is very short and not so painful births. I simply went to the hospital because I “felt weird” and a nurse told me that if I was in labor I “would know.” Well, she checked me and I was already 7 centimeters and had my daughter 10 minutes later! It went that fast!The point is I think some nurses think they know more than they think they do.

  4. I’m so sorry you had that experience. I had a hospital birth and they listened to me every step of the way! I’m glad I know I need to speak up

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