Birth: Arias’ home birth

The birth of AriaIt was June 25th, I was “due” to give birth, I was ready and excited to be getting close to giving birth. I had been having contractions and knew time was getting close but little did I know that night I would wake up to painful contractions and they weren’t Braxton hicks. I believe it was about two in the morning and Julio was scheduled to be at work at five. I work him up after noticing it was real, that Aria would be joining our family, and let him know he should call work so another manager could open.

Julio thought it wouldn’t be until much later that I would give birth and that he would have time to drive 45 minutes to work and another 45 minutes back, I on the other hand knew that would not be the case. He would miss the birth if he left to work, I just knew it. After debating for a bit he finally called the other managers and got one of them to cover, we then called my mom and sister for them to head up and finally called our midwife Eunice.

Side note: You know what I have always found funny, when you call a birth professional may it be a doula, like myself, or a midwife you never get that sleeping voice. We manage to know that we are on call and birth can happen at any time. Our bodies just remain on call and we wakeup feeling well rested.

Eunice also wanted to speak to me, this would A year laterallow her to gauge how I was going and if she should head over. At this point it was about six in the morning, I had been on the yoga ball and walking around the house waiting to see who the first person to arrive would be. Eunice arrived and Julio went down to help her grab all the bags which carried anything she might need and she came up to see me. We got settled in as I showed her where she could put her bags and supplies and where I had the supplies I ordered for the birth, part of the birth kit.

Once she checked me for dilation we started to get into a rhythm again , the contractions were on track but having her present I was able to get back into the zone. My zone was different from my birth with Faith, with Faith I wasn’t as present I was out in my zone and nothing could grab my attention. My zone with Aria I was talking, and moving around, I was in my own space. I remember Eunice asking if her assistant could bring her baby who was just a few days old, a week to be exact. The assistant who she was going to use while her normal one was out on maternity leave was not answering and she needed to get someone there to assist her.

My mom and sister arrived and shortly after so did the assistant. We all got settled in again and this time for good. My mom was doing what only she could be best, clean. I mean who doesn’t want a spotless house for a newborn baby who would not remember it anyway? Hunger started to kick in and we sent my sister Tayla to the store to get some Cuban bread to hold us over, she took so long to leave that she missed the birth. Sorry Tayla, maybe next time.

It was like out of no where, I sat on the toilet to see if I could move things along and that was all my body needed. I felt so much pressure come over me. I stood up and was holding on to a chair I had in the bathroom when all of a sudden my water broke, I sat back on the toilet and the pressure continued to increase. I needed to get in the tub. I started to fill the tub and the moaning sounds let everyone know it was happening, Aria was coming.

a home birth story_

Eunice came over and started to talk to me as she helped me get in the tub. The problem was when I needed to sit. Julio came and took the spot for Eunice and held me as I started to sit. Once I was in the water I needed to push, the urge was so strong and I just went with what my body was telling me to do. Arias’ head was out and Eunice asked if I wanted to touch it, I had never had that asked so I did it. That one touch and it confirmed how much I loved Aria and she would complete our family.

After a few more pushes Eunice told Julio to catch his daughter, this moment he says will be one he will never forget. Once I completely delivered Aria, Julio placed her on my chest, our family was complete. I kept touching her head and placed her to breastfeed right away, a bond which could never be broken. Tayla arrived a few minutes later to meet her brand new niece, come to think about it I don’t think she ever bought the bread either. Faith our oldest daughter was present for the entire birth and still remembers being present. When asked Faith says Aria came out kicking that is what she saw, that is her point of view.

I am blessed to have accomplished my dream birth, to have been surrounded with family, love and support. What was your birth story, did it go as you wanted it to go? I can’t wait to hear your story, ready to share it email [email protected] along with any pictures you would be willing to share.

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  1. With my first child I was all set to have a hypno birthing birth even though my doctor felt more comfortable with a c-section. I was on blood thinners and he felt that would be safest but he still supported my wishes and we moved forward with my plan. Little did I know every plan I had would be thrown out the window when at 37 weeks I went in for my regular appointment and was admitted to the hospital right then and there. I had developed pre eclampsia and was having the baby then! No choice, no plan, they prepped me and took me away. I was kinda in shock the whole process and there were minor complications but I got to hold my son that day and my world was still.
    Then with my daughter we had a planned c section from the beginning. Everything went as planned and was peachy. I never had contractions with either of my pregnancies and still to this day I believe they would have been over due if circumstances were different but everything happens for a reason I guess.
    Thank you for sharing your story!

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