My Review on the BIRCHBOX Subscription

For the first time in my 30 years I have signed up for my first subscription box. Right before Christmas I was on Facebook and came a post from Birchbox offering their subscription box with a bonus box. I tagged my husband in the post with a “wink, wink” for him to order it for me. The things is I’m famous for leaving my debit card anywhere but where it goes.

Julio signed me up for the December BIRCHBOX and now the box has arrived. I am so excited to unbox with you and share my thoughts. I guess I should add a little side note that I am not a huge makeup fanatic. I use make up a little here and there but this year

2018 it is one of my goals to dress to impress. I am not looking to impress anyone but myself I want to be a better me. Birchbox is going to help me make that happen each month with a box of new products to test right to my mailbox.

The first product I pulled out of these boxes is from the brand Minu. We have the shampoo, conditioner and the hair serum. These are all for color illuminating colored hair. I look forward to washing my hair with these and posting after.

We then have two mascara one is from Marcelle and the other is Stila. For these I think the best way to see the difference is to try them both out for a week. Today is day one using Marcelle Ultimate Volume nano. I have tried the jane iredale, Just Kissed Forever Pink and it’s so light. This one is too light for me and I’ll be passing this on to my girls. I also got a lash curler, I’ve always been scare to use them but hey we will have a first for everything.

Let’s move on to moisturizer as we have a few I know both my husband and I are looking forward to trying. First up we have air repair it’s a complexion-boosting with Hyaluronic Acid which can be applied to freshly cleaned face, as needed day or night. I tried this one and my face is feeling amazing. Up next we have Clark’s Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask this one should be applied to a clean face and neck for 15-20 minutes and then rinsed off if you want to use as a mask. You can also apply sparingly to a cleansed skin if you would like to use as a moisturizer.

Have you heard of “the Pore fessional”? This is the first time I have seen this product and I look forward to using this as a makeup primer. The packaging is too cute as it shows you just how and where to apply. We then have Truefora a triple action exfoliator will leave your skin glowing and hydrated without the tightness.

In the end I have started the year off right by opening the birchbox and trying out my first three products. Have I said I am loving them. The products in the Birchbox are the perfect size to introduce you to new products. You can try them and if you fall in love with something you can sign back onto your account to order it. With Birchbox you earn points which you can use to shop. Once you spend $300 you become a VIP with added perks. So what are you waiting for, sign up today?

11 thoughts on “My Review on the BIRCHBOX Subscription”

  1. I love Birchbox! I got a subscription for my teen daughter but I totally snag stuff from it!

  2. Oh wow! What an amazing box you got! I’ve never taken the plunge to signing up for BirchBox, but your post and items in yours have me intrigued! And that “Pore Fessional”!? I’ve got to try it!

  3. That sounds like a great box. There are so many of them I want to sign up for it’s so hard to choose lol. I started small with Ipsy but after seeing all of the great things in Birchbox I might have to look into that one.

  4. This was very informative! Thank you for your hard work in reviewing them and sharing with us! I tried BB once and found to like Ipsy way better, it was more up my alley. Happy new year!

  5. Sounds like a fab box! How fun. I love makeup and it looks like you got a good haul!

  6. I’ve never tried Birchbox, although I have tried other subscription services. I loved it as a budget way to try new products before buying full sized.

  7. Looks like some fun goodies in your Birchbox! I’m currently using a Stila mascara that I’ve been really happy with.

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