The best way I have found to organize our monthly bills

bank statement to help with bill organizationBill organization

Bill organization doesn’t come easy to everyone. The one thing that does happen to all of us every month like clockwork you open your inbox or mailbox and there they are, bills!

Every family has someone who will sit and plan. Which bills to pay with which pay check, but have you ever missed one? I am not saying my way is the perfect way, but I haven't had any issues since using the

bank statement to help bill organization

good old fashion pen and paper bill organization.

Sitting down to plan

At the beginning at the month or before the month ends I sit down and start writing all the bills we have. All the credit cards, the car and car insurance, the daycare and bus service, everything no matter if we owe them or not. Now you may be wondering why I would write them down if I don't owe them, for me its helps just to make sure my husband didn't charge something and forget to tell me or maybe I haven't used the card in a while and need to charge something, so they don't close the card.

I am then able to set up bill pay to know which company is going to be paid on which day. I am honestly not a fan of auto pay simply because if we have an emergency I may need to move something around or if I want to change amount it may cause some issues.

Event Planning

I will also sit and write down all the school events, upcoming birthdays' and social events, and of course our pay schedule. On the monthly tab in the notes schedule I write down every bill and the payment due. Then in each week because we get paid opposite weeks I will write down what will be paid with that check. In my agenda I do not like the hourly section I just want space to write and, in that space, I write my husband’s work schedule, the kids events and no school events, of course I have a section for meal planning and blogging.

As each week starts I then sit at my desk with my phone in hand and pay the bills that are due. I know it sounds simple and maybe even ridiculous that I would even write a blog like this, but you have no clue how long and how much trouble I had before I found this solution which has worked for us.

What bill organization method do you use?

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23 thoughts on “The best way I have found to organize our monthly bills”

  1. I use both !!! I have most things scheduled electronically to come out weekly but use pen and paper to work out updated budgets !

  2. We have pretty much set up to come out automatically except for a few bills that don’t have that option. It has really saved us quite a few times!

  3. I am absolutely a paper person. Bill organization is one of my least favorite adult things. But thank you for sharing your plan, maybe it can help me too!

  4. I don’t know how people who don’t organize their bills keep up with them. I recently starting dating someone who just pays his bills when they come in the mail, and I don’t know how people do it. I have a budget I stick to and I can’t do that if I don’t have my bills organized.

    1. I agree. I need to see them written down to keep track. We have gotten to the budget part yet but are working on paying off debit.

  5. This is a great process. I tend to pay bills as they come but that meant that last month when I missed the electric bill somehow and didn’t notice I ended up with 2 months worth of electricity which wasn’t nice on the budget! Thanks for sharing. This is a much better plan than mine and I think I’ll have to adopt it.

  6. We have been trying to manage our finances electronically lately and It has been working for us. We can make edits and changes easily and It’s more environmentally friendly than pen and paper 🙂

  7. Going to the mailbox and looking at all those bills can be overwhelming. This is a good approach and not as stressful!

  8. Good ideas! I am pen and paper. Something about the act of writing it down helps me remember.

  9. This sounds like a great system! I admit I use my bullet journal to plan out pretty much every other aspect of my life, but have not thought to try it a la something like what you describe here for bill-paying…

  10. Awesome tips! Budgeting and planning bills get so crazy with kids and a family. Then to add in business expenses is another chore!

    1. I agree! Its so much to consider and then to make sure you stay organized when you already have a full plate. Any little tips help.

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