How to become a doula in one weekend

Are you interested in becoming a doula but either don’t know where to start? Do you want to know more before you jump in? Well, today is the day to do just that! I will be answering many of your questions. In the event, I don’t make sure to leave them in the comments. Are you ready to become a doula in one weekend?

Just so we are clear I may post some affiliate links. They bring a little extra money to my family but cost you nothing extra at all. If you are seeing me talk about a product, brand, or service and I’m telling you to try it then trust I currently use it and would totally recommend it.

Are you ready to become a doula but want to start sooner rather than later? I will show you just how to become a doula in one weekend.

Become a doula in one weekend

So you read the title but if you think it was clickbait I swear it is not. I am not kidding in one weekend you can be a doula, certified, and all! In being completely honest you have to really want it. You must be ready to cancel all your plans and really focus. Let me tell you how to do it.

Who will you certify with

First, you’ll want to find an organization to certify with. It took me years of being a doula before I decided to become certified. If I was going to have my name and credibility linked to an organization our views had to align. Over the years my views have also grown as I have as well. Change isn’t something to be scared of it simply means you are learning and evolving.

Two years ago holistically empowered rebel birth keepers (HERBAL) was launched and I knew that is who I wanted to certify with. They encourage you to be who you already are. Attend the births you want to support including unassisted births, and to advocate for your client when they need you. Even if this isn’t the company you would like to certify with I want you to find one that is what you be proud to stand behind.

Signing up

If you like me figure out that HERBAL is for you then you can head over here to sign up. They offer payment plans so if you are needing something budget-friendly to start I want you to know both Taylor and Desirae, the founders, completely understand. You can work on your course and either take your time or complete it all in one weekend and once you have paid off your course your certificate will be mailed to you.

Signing up is super easy and you can complete the course from your smartphone or laptop, although somethings are better on a full screen. As soon as you sign up you’ll gain access to the course and be ready to start.

I also have the podcast I recorded on this very topic here for you to listen while on the go.

Course updates

The course is always being updated which I love so much. One day you’ll be done and have your certificate in hand and the next an update will be done showing you have only completed 8%. Super funny when you go back to look something up and notice. I’ll be honest we have a closed group and we are told about the updates but sometimes I forget or I am really busy and don’t get to it right away.

The course load

The course load is divided into several sections allowing you to find the information later on when you really need it. It also allows you to find links to the evidence-based information you can share with your clients as needed. I actually use this information in a section created for my clients.

The reading is pretty easy to follow and straight forward. During your course, you will find information starting with the history of birth work which I absolutely love and you’ll find your clients or partners may be interested in how a doula came to be.

The course work is divided into several subjects as I mentioned each other of them overlapping into the next and allowing you to dig deeper into the next topic. Imagine being able to help your client conceive after struggling for so long, imagine being able to comfort them after a loss. Imagine having all this power through knowledge all because the company you certified with knew this was part of your scope.

Reading material

In the course, you will also find a long list of recommended books. While these you will not be able to read in one weekend you will be able to read 2-3 and give you a great deal of information. For these other books, I would recommend you make it a point to reserve them from the library and read at least one book a week. I mean if you are a parent your children would probably be more inclined to read if they see you doing it as well.

There are almost 150 books recommended for you to read so even after you become a doula in one weekend you’ll still have plenty of learning opportunities. If you also join the closed Facebook group HERBAL runs you’ll also have access to daily information from other members and the founders themselves.

Being doula & ally

Another reason I love HERBAL is due to the information provided on being an ally for our LGBTQ community, co-parenting, and even cultural awareness.

As much as I try to be respectful I will never fully understand every culture. It is important for me to take every opportunity to learn about cultures and rituals. When it comes to co-parenting although my husband and I are together I have experience co-parenting with my bonus son. These experiences help me, help others. The only personal experience I have with the LGBTQ community is via my brother but not every person in the community is like another, I mean that is just like in life. No two people are the same and that just makes us all incredible.

In-person training

Become a doula in one weekend is possible

In-person training is not required but the fact that you can have the option is amazing. I have not been able to attend one as of yet but 2021 is defiantly my year. I look forward to networking with other birth professionals in my area.

Of course, we have to talk about the hands-on experience you’ll obtain. If you have never attended a birth then this is a must in my books. While you are training I encourage you to attend birth, advertise, network, and figure out what your business will be like.

If you are going with HERBAL and want to get the hands on experience then you’ll want to check out the in-person training calendar. Below is what you can expect to learn each day.

In-person and hands on birthkeeper and doula training. Become a doula in just one weekend. You'll be a business owner by the time you walk out.

🔥Fertility Friday will feature detailed fertility training from 2 pm to 8 pm.

🔥Saturday is all about Birth Doula & Birthkeeping Skills + Placenta Exploration from 9 am to 6 pm.

🔥Sunday we will dive deep into Postpartum Doula support, and dabble in Herbs & Nutrition from 9 am to 2 pm

The final project

Now that you have completed reading all the material you’ll need to complete a final project. You have serval options and one is attending an in-person training but others include writing a paper, interviewing a midwife or OB, and even teaching a childbirth education class. The choice is yours and there is no right or wrong way to complete the certification. It sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it?

Running your business

Now we have made it to this section the reminder that you will be running a business and need to get organized. This is not part of the certification process. This is extra but I want you to be prepared.

Running a business will now be part of your life, you will be a business owner and I hope you are ready because if you are willing to do the work and all in a weekend then you are ready to be a business owner. I know it!

How to register your business

There are several ways one can register a business and because I am in no way shape or form an expert I am going to refer you to my friends the Small Business Administration (SBA) for an explanation on choosing a business structure. I personally have an LLC I wanted my assets or lack thereof and my business to be separate.

Once you know how you want to register your business you’ll head you to your state website and register your business.


Don’t forget about greedy Sam always needing a cut of the pie. When running any business you’ll want to put at least 15-20% to a side as there will be a time when you need to file taxes. If you are really wanting to go the mile and be prepared speak to a tax expert. I also want to add that your business will need a tax id (EIN) number which is similar to your social security number for that you will head over to the IRS website.

Social media and advertisement

Social media and advertisement basically go hand in hand now days. With so many social media platforms, groups to join and people to meet you can literally be a walking billboard for your business. Marketing sound be something you do every day! You can schedule in advance or pay someone to do it for you the choice is yours.

Finding clients

Finding clients and social media tend to overlap. Don’t let your marketing end on social media. Talk to people. Get to know your community. Speak to local businesses who also work with growing families. What about becoming friends with a furniture business? Someone might ask them for advice to find a doula. You never know where your next client will come from and it’s better not to count anyone out.

Did you become a doula in one weekend? I’d love to hear more from you or answer questions so make sure to drop them below.

Don’t forget to head over to YouTube on Wednesday as we dig even deeper into becoming a doula.

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