Budgeting for a new baby for serious planners

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Serious planners budgeting a babyWhile some women spend hundreds or thousands of dollars when expecting a new baby some are serious planners. Some women want to enjoy being a mother without having to spend an endless amount of money. I can’t say that I haven’t done both.

Couples want to know they are financially stable. That if one of them lost their job or wanted to stay home with the new baby that it would be a possibility and not just a dream. Being a serious planner is a great way to make that happen.

Now let’s talk about what those must items are and the best ways to save money. Keep in mind after four babies I have learned that being a serious planner has its perks. I now know that most items you are told you need, you really don’t.


First, we will start with diapers, did you know on average you spend $550 a year on disposable diapers that’s about $0.20 a diaper. I spent $500 on cloth diapers that could really get me from newborn to potty training. My brand is Lalabye Baby it was truly a brand that would grow with the baby and then be resold once we were done. How often can you do that with other brands?

Since you are serious planner saving money already saving on cloth diapers then cloth wipes are another great option for you. Cloth wipes can be kept warm with a wipe warmer and you can your essential oils and water as a natural solution. When on the go you can have a squirt bottle of the same solution.

When traveling with cloth wipes you are use a wet bag to store them in one spot or easy diaper changing. Wet bags are also needed to keep your dirty diapers when on the go. They do come in varies and prints so you’ll have fun picking those out, and yes you can buy these used then resell them once you are done. Keep in mind wet bags are great for when you go to the beach or pool for the wet clothes. When it comes to washing your diapers, check out my wash routine.

Finally, as far as a diaper bag save the money and get a backpack. A backpack will allow you more than enough space and compartments for storage. By using wet bags, you can organize everything you’ll need and want to carry.


We then move on to car seat. To me one of the most important things is a new, unused car seat. NEVER will I buy a used or take a hand me down car seat. I know the offer sounds great, but you run the risk of the car seat having been in an accident, yes even in minor car accident the seat needs to be replaced.

I recommend getting a convertible car seat that will last until they no longer need it. Understandably if you are in an accident you will need to replace it, but most insurance companies will replace it for you. You will be spending the most on cloth diapers and a car seat, but these are both items that will last you a long time.

Skip the stroller that will just take up space and go unused and spend a little more on a baby carrier. We love our Tula and use it all the time. I could count on one hand the times I used the stroller and still then I used the carrier at the same time.


A serious planner also knows that babies grow up fast and there is truly no need to buy so much clothing. If you be having a baby shower you will get gifts you don’t need or want and can return for a gift card for things you will need as the baby grows up. Since you will be using cloth diapers and won’t need any disposable diapers you can assign a clothing size to each guest. A nice little raffle would be a great incentive. If that isn’t an option try a local consignment sale, or goodwill there you would be able to good clothing at a great price.


Now while some co-sleep, I still felt the need to have a safe space to lay the baby when I needed a moment to myself. We got a free crib on a Facebook group and that saved us a few hundred dollars than if we had bought one. Most people don’t use the crib for very long and had minor scratches. Since we also had other children I also needed a way to keep an eye on the baby, so I bought a used baby monitor. This made everything so much easier and gave me the peace of mind to do basic things like take a shower without worrying.

Babies needs to eat

A serious planner knows breast pumps are so expensive but with most insurance plans you can save nearly $400 or more. You will end of spending some serious money on storing your milk but that can wait until you are either going back to work or you find a good deal. I know that most moms love the idea of a nursing pillow, but I didn’t use mine too often. I need something softer like a pillow that can mold to my needs.

As the baby gets older if you decide to baby lead weaning (BLW) your needs will continue to be basic. We enjoy replay products as they made of recycled plastic and have an entire line from plates and bowels to cups and silverware. Add a high chair to the mix and you have got a party. Any time you are ready for a meal sit down as a family and offer the baby anything you are having.

The little things

A serious planner can’t forget the little things. The few things we needed were nail clippers, Nose Frida and a thermometer. I know right, such a simple list. You really don’t need much.

What about mama

Mama know she needs some love too and being a serious planner, you plan for yourself. Being the natural, crunchy mama that I am I bought essential oils to be able to clean, cook and of course as our very own first aid kit. We personally use and have joined Doterra after much reading and educating on the company and their sourcing.

The other thing some moms enjoy is a good nipple cream but guess what coconut oil that you’ll use to make essential oil blends you have got your nipple cream at a fraction of the price.

A Serious Planners Shopping

A serious planner knows that having a baby can be expensive but if planned and prepared for you can save money. Most of the things you are told you need for a baby will never go used. A serious planner will also want to shop savvy when possible will shop at consignment store or sale. In South Florida Just Between Friends has a sale twice a year where you can buy used but in good condition clothing, shoes and just about anything you need for a new baby. Best of all these items are priced for those of us serious planners on tight budgets.

If you are a serious planner you have just found your list of must have items. You can make a short list and head to the local consignment store. By shopping at the consignment store you will save money, support a small business and help another family.


9 thoughts on “Budgeting for a new baby for serious planners”

  1. I applaud how wonderful at budgeting you are! Unfortunately, I could not handle cloth diapers, but I seriously commend any mom’s dedication to them! Otherwise, this is all fantastic advice and I will definitely be using it.

    1. That’s ok not to want to use cloth. For me it works and I applaud anyone who will even look into it. I’m glad you find the advice helpful.

  2. Whew, this was a reminder that kids are expensive but they are so worth it! Love your tips! Thank s for sharing.

  3. This is Great! It’s so important to know and understand your budget when you are having a baby. I’m not a big planner so we were nearly as prepared!

  4. I wish I knew more with my first child. Everything had to be brand new! The second child…consignment baby! Great article.

    1. It’s understandable to want everything new for the first baby but when you see how much goes unused you realize how much money you could have saved.

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