Is it possible to have an unassisted birth in an apartment?

Apartment birth made possible

Are you starting to plan your free birth? You may be worried because you live in an apartment and neighbors may Yes, giving birth in an apartment is possible. grab some great tips here. hear you, so what can you do to make everyone aware and avoid unnecessary visitors. I can reassure you it won’t be as big of a deal as you might think.

Telling the neighbors

You don’t have to tell them you won’t have any medical professional present. People need to know as little as possible. A simple knock on the door of the neighbors on each side to make them aware once you start getting closer is the perfect way for everyone to find out.

Once the day has arrived place a sign at the door to make everyone aware. You can add custom notes as well if you’d like or a contact phone number. Who knows maybe you’ll get a nice neighbor will have a nice cooked meal for your family once labor is done.

When I gave birth to Aria, my now five-year-old, not one person knew or heard anything. I then gave birth to Brooklyn in an apartment but my neighbors were aware that she would be born at home. They only found out it went time because they noticed all the cars parked in their spots. I guess that too is an added benefit of telling them so you don’t come out to cars being towed.

Preparing the carpet

For most this is a big deal. How do I keep the carpet from getting wet or ruined? When I gave birth at home I was one of the few who didn’t have carpet but I still didn’t want fluids that I would need to clean later. I laid down shower curtains from the dollar store on the floor around the pool.

Setting up your apartment for a home birth.

If you have carpet you can do the same thing I would just make sure you lay down extra to cover more space. I essentially would make a path to any area you may walk in. If I leaked along the way I would just pick the shower curtains and throw them away.

Don’t forget the bed

We never know the way birth is going to go. We may plan to give birth in the water but end up on the floor in the bathroom, yes that was my birth. It is better to be over prepared then leave something uncovered and worry about cleaning up after.

Tub clean up

For some, the option to give birth in a pool is an added benefit for pain relief. There are several options for birth Leave the stress of giving birth in you're apartment. Prepare the carpet, sound the alarm to your neighbors and push, baby, pushpools including renting a birth pool, buying a kiddie pool or just using your own tub.

If you give birth in your own bathtub as I did once, clean up is super easy. Are you ready for this? Unplug the tub and watch the water drain away. Done. I did lay in the bed after to relax while I got in my baby cuddles and waiting for the placenta to make its grand entrance. It was almost like waiting for the baby to decide it was time.

You may decide to rent or buy a tub. Friendly reminder don’t forget the pump to empty the pool after. This helps make clean up faster and easier. Once you’re done you can remove the protective liner and either sell or pack away for another baby. That choice I leave up to you.

Regardless of where in your home you decide to give birth in your home, you’ll be fine. You don’t need to have a ton of space and the pool can be set up when you feel you are getting close. You can add some mantras to your wall and set up some dim holiday lights to get the mood.

Did you do anything special to set up your birth area?

12 thoughts on “Is it possible to have an unassisted birth in an apartment?”

      1. Had two kids of my own and am actually a doctor. Remember everyone can’t (or aren’t able) to do this.As I said — kudos to those who can. Geez!

        1. Actually most women can and a lot of the issues that lead to csection and inductions result from unnecessary procedures.

          1. But they may not want to. Yes, there are too many unnecessary c-sections — you aren’t really breaking new ground here. Ye women don’t get enough prenatal care to avoid some of the issue that come up. Again, preaching to the choir. There’s a range of birth choices and because someone (in this instance, me) may not have been able to or wanted to give birth in an apartment (while expressing admiration for women who do) . doesn’t mean that that person is wrong in their decision and that (in my case) birth “is too much for me”. If you want to talk about ways to improve the birthing process for everyone without being unkind in the process, hey, I am always up for health care discussions. Otherwise, have a lovely day!

          2. I am not being unkind when you come to my blog and post “This was too much for me! LOL All the love in the world for women who can do this!” that is uncalled for. You can expect that I wouldn’t find that funny when I spend hours each day putting together a site to help uplift women who want to take control of their birth and pregnancy. No I am not stating anything new by bring up the rate of csections and inductions in the US but when you a doctor tells me that this is due to women not getting enough prenatal care. Are you kidding me? How many more times do you want to see them in an office? Again, birth may be too much for you but for those who do give birth in an apartment and come here for support don’t need to read you blaming them for not getting enough prenatal care. I have had four births, only one in the hospital and it was the worse mistake of my life. I don’t trust doctors and their staff because they lie. They lie to get their way. They tell you one thing and tell the doctor something else. They push to get their way because to most (not all) you are just another patient number. You can have a lovely day as well.

          3. Look, I am sorry you took my lighthearted comment the wrong way. As I have said multiple times, home births are great for people who can. And I am truly sorry you had a horrible experience with your birth in the hospital and with the doctor you had.

  1. Wow! You were so bold. The moment my water broke, I raced to the hospital like a lightning bolt. I cannot imagine how terrified my spouse would be. More grease to you and anyone with the intention of having a home birth. Your detailed explanation was relieved my cringe.

    1. In the world we live in we are built to have fear. Our site is build to help others know that every pregnancy and birth is not the same and we have more than one choice.

  2. I’ve never even thought about giving birth at an apartment! I don’t have kids, and I’m not planning on having any, but I don’t think that’s something I could ever do.

  3. So glad I no longer live in an apartment! When I did, I wasn’t too close to my neighbors. I couldn’t imagine knocking on their doors and saying I would be giving birth any day and that it would happen in my apartment.

    You provided some really good information about home births for me as a homeowner though. I had no idea you could rent a birthing pool!

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