The adventures at McKays waiting to happen.

Okay… let me say that adventures at McKays are for you if you are a book lover or a homeschool family. McKays is going to be the place you’ll want to visit the next time you visit Tennessee or near any location. This store is filled with more books then I think a person would ever be able to read. Wow it is breathtaking!

Who knew a bookstore like McKays would be such a great benefit to homeschools and book lovers.

What is McKays?

To just say that McKays is a bookstore selling used books would an understatement. Here you will be able to find books is more categories than any other place I have been to. Just about the entire first floor is all about books. Each section helps you locate the type of books you are looking for here.

You will also be able to find used video games, movies, instruments, electronics, and music. I say music because it isn’t just CDs, you are now able to go somewhere that still has tapes and vinyl. Imagine that? A place that takes you back in time to when you were a kid. Not that I have to go very far, a cooler we have is filled with my husbands’ tapes from his childhood. We have another shelf filled with CDs. Who knew people still bought them with today’s technology.

The Downside

The downside? This is not a store where you be able to just walk in and go right to the book. There is no way to find a book without looking for it. Due to the number of books coming and going on an average day, there is no way to know if they actually have the book. This is where I remind you to give yourself time. If you don’t take time to look for it you may not find it.

Just a girls day to shop for our homeschool supplies.

Selling your items

Once you are inside to the right there is a section they use to process. I didn’t have any books to sell. From what I understand you take the items you wish to sell to the counter. You are then given a number this will give them time to review all the items. You either sit and wait or shop. Here is the thing you will need to be in the store when they call your number. If you leave or they call you several times, you lose everything.

Where can you locate a store?

Now I’ll be honest is say in saying this there are only five stores. Three of which can be found right here in Tennessee and two in North Carolina. So if you are up for the drive or in the area check out your local store. Here is a link to all of the locations.

Important things to remember?

  1. Eat before you go. I know it is funny to think you would want to eat before you head to a bookstore but I spent two hours in there the first time we went and I was in a hurry.
  2. Take bags. Of course, I would recommend reusable ones because depending on the number of books you buy plastic isn’t going to hold them and they don’t use bags in my local store. Although they do give boxes mine was so full it broke before I made it to the car. It wasn’t their fault at all.
  3. Grab a cart. Even if you don’t think you will be buying much or even anything at all grab a cart. You will see so many cool things that you’ll start adding to your cart before you know it.
  4. Be patient! You will notice the store is normally packed (full) with families. Everyone will be looking for books and taking their time to either find a specific book or just one they like.

Our first experience!

I’ll be honest to say I was overwhelmed. This is a huge building and you can tell from just driving up but I didn’t think there was any way the entire building would be the bookstore. I was wrong.

Parking is in the back of the building and the Nashville location does have a food truck parked outside. I didn’t notice what they were selling but if you get hungry in the store this might be an option. Right outside the doors, you will find a large box made of cement. This is where they put books you are free to take. These are books people just donate or the store isn’t able to sell for various reasons.

You will notice tons of employees. Some are filling the shelves, others in the electronic area. More registers open than a Walmart at Christmas time. Service was great, the line moves really fast but service doesn’t fail. I will definitely be going again.

Is your family book lovers? What is your favorite book?

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