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I'm so happy you have found me, I know it is hard to find someone you fit so well with so I hope that perfect match for you. Let me start by telling a little about me.

My name is Carmen Edwards, I am a mom of six children including my bonus son. You see here we are a family we don't do the "step" anything. When I met my husband he had a son who was two and I became an instant mom. Over the last 14 years, we have created many children and I have been blessed to birth five wonderful children.

My daughter who is now 12 years old and man or woman she taught me so much. I learned that I was the boss of my journey, my pregnancy, my birth, and my postpartum recovery. During my pregnancy with her, I fired a provider, decided to hire a midwife, birthed my daughter at a birth center and well I became a fucking educated badass. She opened the door for me to fall in love with birth.

Over the years I have been blessed to work with many women seeking an autonomous birth with a fucking badass like you who wouldn't dare allow a provider to tell you that you didn't have a choice, another option. While I continue to care for clients via my birthkeeping services and midwife assistant clients it leads me to the path of becoming a traditional midwife.

When you hire me you become a part of my family. My clients are like family and friends and I invite them into my safe space, my home. You are like family and friends and should feel loved, comfortable, safe, and encouraged. There is no bigger life experience, a more private event than your birth. You would never want a stranger in your space and I won't be that stranger.

Providing autonomous, hands-off support for badass women wanting home and free births.

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I provide exceptionally well-crafted birth packages that allow your badass inner goddess to achieve your dream homebirth. I educate, empower and support home and freebirthing families.

After having several miscarriages I was finally pregnant and passed the first trimester. I was so fucking happy but yet still so scared. Every time I would go to the bathroom I would make sure that I wasn't bleeding. During the pregnancy of my first child daughter, I had to fire a provider who wasn't giving me the care and answers I deserved. That moment led me to this amazing, wonderful midwife, Daymarys, she gave me the feeling I was in the perfect place.

I gave birth to my daughter, Faith, at a birth center when those around me were telling me I would never be able to do it, I would die or ask for pain medication. I didn't and man was it nice to think FUCK YOU to everyone who doubted how much of a fucking badass I was. I did so much research when I was pregnant on homebirths, ways to relax and it paid off.

I was 20 and had no idea what options I had. I was lucky to have received this little postcard in the mail which led me to a birth center. I learned about doulas and the amazing things they could do to help. I honestly had a doula but had I known what I knew now I wouldn't have hired someone because she was "famous" or because it was free, I would have hired someone after doing research and knowing that she was the one for me.

Now all these years later I am working as a midwife assignment while I attend midwifery school. I still love working with badass women, every day I am more and more inspired.

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