A new year and a new lifestyle

A new year and a new lifestyle is just another new years resolution. As the new year begins so do the new year resolutions. Everyone wants to start the new year by making resolutions but do they actually make efforts towards it. Over the course of this year, I want to encourage you to take one weekly step towards a crunchy lifestyle.

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This year is all about making changes towards a new lifestyle. A new year means and you and opportunity to make changes towards a natural lifestyle.

A new year and a new lifestyle

How do you start a new lifestyle that you possibly aren’t sure how to even start? Where are you even supposed to start? Those are great questions but it depends on what changes you are wanting to make. Before I even knew what crunchy was or that it was even a lifestyle I was making decisions or changes towards a better life for not only myself but for my family.

There is not a race, there is no finish line or award at the end because there is no end. This is an endless journey that allows you to grow. You could literally make a change every day and still not make every change. That is why it is hard to say who is crunchy and who is not. It is about what you view yourself as.

10 steps towards a new lifestyle

For today’s post, I’m going to give you some tips to make some simple changes to a new lifestyle. I think for most families if a budget is what is holding you back then allow me the chance to help explain how to make it easy and budget-friendly. Of course, you can make other changes you may have had on your list or start in a different order.

I am not sure when, but at some point in our nation’s history, perhaps in the 1940s, hospitals and doctors offices became a place of business, not an institution for health. It is the time to take back the care and put it in our hands.

One change at a time

Make one change at a time and take it a day at a time. It may seem like a good idea to go out and buy everything at once but the problem is the cost tends to add up, the items can expire, and you have no idea what to do with most of them.

First things first

Throw out all the expired medicine and over-the-counter crap you have. There is nothing that an expired product can do for you other than cause more damage to your immune system.

Build a first aid kit

You never know when someone will get a cut, blister or need to stop bleeding. It is important to have a first kit in the home but not where the kids can reach and use on the fake boo boos. If you are like my family you may need two kits for your family.

Always have essential oils

For our family, we have a lot of essential oils on hand as we find we can use them for everything from cleaning to our health and having our home smell amazing. You’ll want to research the brand but I’ve come to love plant therapy.

Books to have and read

In order to make changes and to know how those changes will benefit and affect your family, you’ll want to learn. I recommend buying A Family’s Guide to Homeopathy.

Taking Charge of your fertility is another book that I have learned to love. It has a lot of information which can be overwhelming but once you push threw you’ll notice it has a lot of information that you will use. It has almost become a bible if you will.

Natural BabyCare is another book for those still having children. The first chapter talks about the safety of essentials and the practice of homeopathy. The second chapter is all about pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation. You then have aromatherapy which will cover healthy scents for cleaning & caring for your baby. Finally, you have natural ways to raise a happy, healthy baby and creating a welcoming environment.

Use cloth for everything

You may think this is a joke but I promise it isn’t. Your options when using cloth are endless. We will start with the easy one, using cloth diapers and wipes. We all know diapers and wipes go hand in hand and with cloth diapers, there is no difference. It honestly makes using cloth diapers easier if you use cloth wipes so you don’t have to dig out the wipes before putting them to wash.

You can also use cloth wipes around your home to clean just about anything. Cut up old receiving blankets no longer getting love around your home and give them a new life.

This last one may be too soon for your family but cloth wipes can be used as toilet paper. I swear I am not playing a joke on you some people use it in this way.

Learn about your cycle

Earlier when talking about the books to have on hand I mentioned, Taking charge of your fertility and I am bringing it up again because well I need you to know this is a must. I was able to find a used copy for $5 at a small local mom-owned book store. This book is going to teach you everything that you are going to wonder why your mother didn’t. Sorry, mom I know this was a taboo topic but we need to do better and educate ourselves. Who else is going to tell us we aren’t going crazy or that something is normal?

We were taught that everyone ovulated at the same time, that everyone had the same cycle and if not it wasn’t normal. THIS IS NOT TRUE!! There may actually not be a need for you to go on medication to conceive if you get to know your body.

I would also recommend cloth pads and or menstrual cups. They will help you learn about your bleeding and changes plus they don’t have chemicals! Talk about win-win.

Grow your own food

This year I will be doing it again. I will be growing my own food in a garden at home. This is also my “me time” and I recommend it to everyone. I don’t think you need a big garden, I have grown herbs and potatoes from a window hanging basket.

If you start a garden you’ll know where your food came from, what may have been used to grow it and of course you’ll know that YOU did it. It’s an excellent way to include the family and have some bonding time.

Change your diet

Along with growing your own food you can work on your diet. You may not be able to cut everything at once but you can make small changes. Try cooking one more day at home or meal prepping. You can want to try adding juicing to your diet as a way to get fruits and vegetables you may not normally eat.

I don’t drink coffee so I am always trying to find another way to cut soda out of my life so by no means am I saying am I completely healthy. This is something I have to work on everyday.

Be the parent you wanted your parents to be

This one hits close to home. I look back on my childhood and there are so many memories I love but then I have some had brought a chill up my spine. I want you to be the parent you wish your parents were to you. Take the time to read a book with them, listen to them tell you the same story for the hundredth time. Look when they pick a foot off the floor like it is the best thing you have ever seen.

Our children are only so young for such a limited amount of time that they need us just as much as we need them. I know the day is long, work is hard and sometimes you need time for yourself. I get it! As a mom of six. who also homeschools I have days where I get off and just want to lay in my bed and watch some TV alone or read a book without having to stop. I get! The problem is when we were having our day our children were also having theirs. They may have also had a hard day. They know want to lay with us and talk or just be with us. Enjoy it while it last. I beg you take some time to ask about their day and talk about yours.

Listen to podcast

A great way to make changes toward the new year, new you is by adding some podcast into your life. It is something you can listen to while driving or cooking. You can be like me and listen while you are working with some headphones. Podcast allow you to grow your knowledge, and make friends that don’t require an answer back.

What podcast do you like listening to? Did you know we have one that airs every Friday? Listen.

Grow your community

Lastly and probably most importantly is to grow your community. You may not find your family understands or even supports the changes you want to make. While I don’t feel you anyone an explanation I also know it is nice to be able to vent and get advice so grow your community. Meet and make friends in your local community or virtual community who understand you. Your knowledge is such to grow from just these 10 I’ve listed.

This year is going to be an amazing one for you I can feel it. You have decided to make changes for your family to live a better life. The new year and new year is off to a great start and now you know what to do and where to start. I look forward to hearing about your journey.

What is the first thing you’ll be working towards this year?

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