Doula Carmen Edwards

Holistic & Autonomous Birth Support

My name is Carmen I am a mom, student midwife, medical-fighting birthkeeper, and placenta encapsulator that is supporting badass women like you so you can have an autonomous, healing, and hands-off experience all while at home.

Providing support to Harrisburg, PA, and surrounding two-hour radius.

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Fixed Price Packages

Choose the perfect package created with you in mind taking out all the guesswork.

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Create Your Own Packages

Start with a base package and create a package with a budget in mind we have your back.

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A La Cart Services

If you’d rather choose the services you need we have a list of those available and make it easy to get started.

Wild Pregnancy Course

This course is like no other!

When you think of your dream pregnancy what do you imagine? I imagine having the knowledge to know what is normal from the hormones that help you get and maintain pregnancy, how to perform your own prenatal care, and even diet, nutrients, and exercise.

This course will be launching in Spring 2022 and you don’t want to miss out.

Birth Support

When you are creating your birth team you always look for a team that feels like family. I strive to be the family you wish was closer and the resources you wish you had time to find on your own.

Postpartum Services

Once your blessing has arrived your postpartum period begins. For most of us, the focus turns on the baby and we are often left feeling like we are on the back burner. Each of our services will not only ensure you have time to heal but your child is cared for while you rest and recover.

Babies for your ovaries

Let’s work together!